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Dictionary of Old English Web Corpus (DOE Web Corpus)


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Hrsg. v. Antonette di Paolo Healey


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Volltextdatenbank mit mehr als 3.000 altenglischen Texten aus der Zeit von 600 bis 1150. Die im SGML-Format kodierte, rund 3 Millionen englische und über 2 Millionen lateinische Wortformen umfassende Textsammlung beinhaltet mindestens eine Abschrift eines jeden überlieferten altenglischen Textes, in einigen Fällen werden auch handschriftliche Varianten geboten. Die Anzeige der Suchergebnisse erfolgt im KWIC-Format mit Fundstellenreferenz. Updates: unregelmäßig.

Dictionary of Old English Web Corpus (DOE Web Corpus)

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University of Toronto, Dictionary of Old English

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"The Dictionary of Old English Corpus in Electronic Form" (DOEC) is an online database consisting of at least one copy of every Old English text. In some cases, more than one copy is included, if it is significant because of dialect or date. As such, the DOEC represents about three million words of Old English and another two million words of Latin, or about six times the collected works of Shakespeare. The body of surviving Old English texts encompasses a rich diversity of records written on parchment, carved in stone and inscribed in jewelry. These texts fall into several categories: prose, poetry, glosses to Latin texts and inscriptions. In the prose in particular, there is a wide range of texts: saints' lives, sermons, biblical translations, penitential writings, laws, charters and wills, records (of manumissions, land grants, land sales, land surveys), chronicles, a set of tables for computing the moveable feasts of the Church calendar and for astrological calculations, medical texts, prognostics (the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of the horoscope), charms (such as those for a toothache or for an easy labour), and even cryptograms.

Compiled as part of the Dictionary of Old English project at the University of Toronto, the texts in the Corpus are SGML encoded are fully conformant with the 1994 Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines. The interface for the "Dictionary of Old English Corpus" was developed by the Humanities Text Initiative at the University of Michigan.

The DOEC is available on the Web by institutional site license through the University of Toronto. Authentication is verified by the subscribing campus network's authorized Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. No passwords are needed.

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