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Concordance of Medieval Occitan / Concordance de l'Occitan médiéval (COM)

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Hrsg. v. Peter Ricketts

CD-ROM, Teil 1-2

Inhalt :: Content
Die Volltextdatenbank dokumentiert das gesamte Textkorpus der altokzitanischen Literatur von den ersten Textzeugnissen bis zum Ende des 15. Jahrhunderts. Teil 1 enthält 2.500 Gedichte der Troubadours. Teil 2 beinhaltet die nicht-lyrische Versdichtung, Teil 3 wird die Prosaliteratur umfassen.

Suche :: Retrieval
Volltextsuche; Reimwortsuche; Wortabstandssuche. Weitere Merkmale: Boole'sche Operatoren, Trunkierung, Wildcards.


Verlag :: Publisher
Brepols Publishers

Systemvoraussetzungen :: System requirements
Windows 95 oder höher

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1.000,00 EUR (institutionelle Nutzung)

440,00 EUR (für Bezieher von COM-1)

200,00 EUR (individuelle/private Nutzung)

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information
The "Concordance of Médiéval Occitan" is divided into three tranches. The first tranche (COM-1) contains the poetry of the troubadours, taken from critical editions. The second tranche will give non-lyric texts in verse and the third tranche will give non-lyric texts in prose. A further tranche consists of a database containing the totality of each of the troubadour chansonniers, with, alongside the edited interpretative version of the poems, a semi-diplomatic rendering which respects the word breaks and other elements as found in the manuscript.

For subscribers to successive tranches, COM-1 will be replaced by a second version which will integrate tranche 2 and so on, with an updated manual in each case.

Search options
The database offers the advantage of searching what will be a huge database of some 7 million words once complete. For the moment, there is access to some 2,500 poems of the troubadours. The options available, which will serve the whole of the database, are in place and permit consultation of the total vocabulary by whole word, by prefix or by suffix or words which appear at the rhyme, whether final in the line or internal. It is possible to look for a word in collocation with another either immediately adjacent or up to a separation of nine intervening words and in either order.

Users will have access to lexemes in their context from a pre-prepared concordance, with a reference identifying the text and the line, enabling them to see from this context-sensitive approach the meaning of the word and to compare the forms. There will be no attempt, however, to lemmatize: orthographic variations abound in these texts and, in the case of the individual lexeme, the user will simply input the variant orthographic forms to bring up on screen or in print-out the totality of occurrences of this lexeme in context, but with certain short-cuts available so that the inputting of forms does not become arduous.

It will also be possible to switch from the examples to the texts themselves, all of which will be on the CD-ROM and for which copyright permission has been given for the first tranche and will be sought for the second and third. Similarly, there is a facility for switching from the texts to the bibliography at the correct reference point.

The Bibliography identifies the editions used in the concordance. On the basis of recent research, it was decided to exclude the Occitan poems of Richard Coeur-de- Lion (see Lucilla Spetia, Riccardo Cuor di Leone tra oc e oïl (BdT 420,2), Cultura neolatina 56 (1996), 101-55). Cerveri's poem "en javanais" (434a, 66) has also been excluded, since the underlying text is that of 434a, 68, and Sordel's cobla, 437, 22, which is in French, is also omitted. In certain cases, the texts, as presented, are those of a new edition which, at the time when the COM is appearing, have not yet been published, some being a complete edition of the troubadour and others that of individual poems. The reference to the poet and poem follows the bibliographical index established by István Frank in his "Répertoire métrique de la poésie des troubadours" (2 vol., Paris: Champion, 1966) following the "Bibliographie der Troubadours" of A. Pillet and H. Carstens (New York: Burt Franklin, 1968 repr. [Halle, 1933]). In a few cases where Frank did not include a particular poem, the reference is to Pillet-Carstens, and, in the rare cases where the poem is not in either, a new reference is used following the system (e.g. PC 440, 1). In cases where the troubadour is not listed and poems can be attributed, a new reference is also given (e.g. PC 333a for Peyre Cathala). The order of the poems in the editions and the page reference is listed alongside that of Pillet-Carstens, so that the PC number of the poet and poem is followed by the number in the edition (if there is one) in Roman numerals and the page reference for the poem in Arabic numerals.

The poems shared between two or more troubadours (tenson, partimen) are listed with the first to speak; however, the exchanged cobla is found with the troubadour who composed it.

Rezension :: Review

Concordance of Medieval Occitan / Concordance de l'Occitan médiéval (COM-1)

René Pellen  

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