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Historic Parishes of England and Wales


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An Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata

Roger J. P. Kain und Richard R. Oliver

CD-ROM + Print

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History Data Service, UK Data Archive, University of Essex


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9 CD-ROM, Adobe Illustrator-Format
45,00 GBP

3 CD-ROM, Adobe Acrobat PDF-Format
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0-9540032-2-5 (CD-ROM, Adobe Illustrator-Format)

0-9540032-1-7 (CD-ROM, Adobe Acrobat PDF-Format)

0-9540032-0-9 (Print)

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The digitised maps cover the whole of England and Wales, and are organised by Ordnance Survey Sheet number. The maps contain a scanned bitmap image of the Ordnance Survey one inch to one mile (1:63,360) New Popular Edition maps (1945-1948) with National Grid. They contain the boundaries of some 18,233 places, and are arranged as three electronic 'layers'. The first is a scan of the Ordnance Survey maps stored as grey tone sheet images. This enables Ordnance Survey physical, cultural and place-name content to be readily visible in the background for orientation and general location purposes, while not obscuring the added boundary and reference number material. The second layer consists of the boundaries, stored as solid red lines; and the third layer contains the reference numbers that link places on the map to the gazetteer/metadata dataset that accompanies the maps.

ISBN 0-9540032-0-9 (Print)
The maps are available on CD-ROM in Adobe Illustrator (TM) or Adobe Acrobat PDF (TM) formats. We recommend using the Adobe Illustrator format if you already have the software (as it enables you to edit the maps and select the layers to view). However, the Adobe Acrobat PDF format is perfectly suitable for viewing the maps, and we will supply the necessary reader software.

An accompanying book Historic Parishes of England & Wales: An Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata by Roger Kain and Richard Oliver provides an introduction to the provenance of the maps. It also includes an abbreviated version of the gazetteer/metadata dataset, and a discussion of historical boundaries.

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