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Women Writers Online


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Volltextdatenbank mit rund 230 literarischen Werken von Autorinnen des anglo-amerikanischen Sprachraums von 1500 bis 1850. Ein Teilkorpus bilden rund 100 SGML-codierte Texte aus dem Projekt "Renaissance women online", die durch Werkeinführungen und Beiträge zum sozio-kulturellen Umfeld ergänzt werden.

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Women Writers Project, Brown University

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The Brown University Women Writers Project has its intellectual roots in two communities whose synergy began to be evident at the end of the 1980s. The first of these was the growing field of early modern women's studies, whose project was to reclaim the cultural importance of early women's writing and bring it back into our modern field of vision. The other was the newly developing area of electronic text encoding, with its emphasis on improved access and longterm preservation of textual data. As a method of bringing inaccessible texts back into use, the electronic archive seemed like the ideal successor to the physical archive, since it promised to overcome the problems of inaccessibility and scarcity which had rendered women's writing invisible for so long. This partnership of archival scholarship and electronic technology has become a model for text encoding projects all over the world.

The full collection "Women Writers Online" presents all Women Writers Project (WWP) texts currently available online, covering a period from 1400 to 1850. This collection includes the texts which appear in the "Renaissance Women Online" site described below. All of these texts can be browsed, searched, and analysed using tools which provide access to the full SGML encoding.

In addition, the site "Renaissance Women Online" is being developed as part of an initiative funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This resource offers an online environment for teaching and research in the field of Renaissance women's writing. When complete, it will present a group of 100 WWP texts from the early modern period, together with introductions to the individual works and essays on the cultural context of the period, all written for RWO by numerous scholars in the field.

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