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Russian Social Sciences and Humanities Journals (UDB-EDU)


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu rund 90 russischen Zeitschriften aus den geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Fachbereichen. Zahlreich vertreten sind Zeitschriften zu Literatur und Sprache, darunter die sog. "tolstye zurnaly" ("dicke Zeitschriften"), wissenschaftliche und populärwissenschaftliche Literaturzeitschriften, Zeitschriften der Russischen Akademie der Wissenschaften u.a. Alle Ausgaben liegen im Volltext mit Originalpaginierung vor. Updates: laufend.

Russian Social Sciences and Humanities Journals (UDB-EDU)


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East View Information Services

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You probably know names of Russia's classic authors: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin. But do you know Russia's modern day authors, like Pelevin, Akunin, Marinina, Tolstaya, who are just as innovative and controversial as their literary forefathers?

Now your patrons can read works by or about contemporary authors of Russia online through East View's Universal Database of Social Sciences & Humanities (UDB-EDU). UDB-EDU consists of more than 80 resources on topics covering:

  • Higher education
  • Prose, poetry and literary criticism from "tolstyezhurnaly", or Russia's most respected literary journals
  • Historical analysis
  • Popular science
  • Writings/research material on Chekhov, Dostoevsky, and works in translation
  • Socioeconomic problems, including ethnic relations
  • International relations
  • Issues on psychology, philosophy, linguistics
  • And so much more... many of which are available only from East View.

Universal Database of Social Sciences & Humanities (UDB-EDU) is:

  • Rich in content and research value - in full-text and access to archives, without the superfluous material freely accessible on the web.
  • User friendly - includes Cyrillic transliteration in a virtual keyboard, browse capability and easy navigation English language interface
  • Flexible search options - better than print, allowing users to search the entire database or only within individual titles
  • Geared for libraries, with content updates, permanent URLs, usage reports, perpetual access and direct authentication for an unlimited number of patrons


The titles in the database are in Russian.

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