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Global defense information (GDI)


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CD-ROM, Online

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Literatur- und Faktendatenbank zur Verteidigungs- und Sicherheitspolitik. Nachgewiesen werden über 160.000 Beiträge mit Abstracts zu Militärtechnologie, internationalen Verträgen, militärischen Bündnissen und aktuellen Tendenzen. Ausgewertet werden internationale Zeitschriften, Newsletters, Reports u.a. Berichtszeitraum: 1986 ff. Updates: monatlich. Monatlicher Zuwachs: rund 800 Nachweise.


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Military Information Services

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Global Defense Information online is a daily news service that provides comprehensive coverage of global events in the military and aerospace fields. We review and scan hundreds print journals, news agencies and other sources for new information and developments on technologies, key contracts, geopolitical alliances and related developments in the defense area. All data is then filtered, summarized and classified by: Product, Topic, Country and Company.

Launched in 1986 in a CD-ROM format, the GDI online database now contains over 160,000 news summaries with a new 800+ added each month. To navigate GDI online's advanced search capability provides useful display features, including on-screen result sorting by Time, Product, Country and Topic as well as a save search function.


Original version of GDI intended for closed network. For users located outside the US the GDI CD-ROM contains two additional military databases:

- USNI Nations (ORBAT- order of battle for each nation) and

- USNI Weapons (technical specifications and descriptions of military air, land and sea weapons systems and platforms)

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