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WTO DSC ist ein übersichtliches Recherchetool zur Streiterledigung im Rahmen der WTO. Neben Zusammenfassungen und Analysen aller vorgelegten Fälle sind über den Online-Service auch ein aktualisierter Index sowie eine Datenbank aller Verfahren zugänglich.

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The Dispute Settlement Commentary (DSC) service is a comprehensive legal research tool for WTO Panel and Appellate Body Reports and WTO Arbitrations. The service is available on an annual subscription basis.

Features include:
- Summary/analysis of new reports/arbitrations within 1-3 weeks after their circulation.
- Summary/analysis of all past reports/arbitrations back to the establishment of the WTO.
- Up-to-date keyword index, and updates of Commentaries for past reports/arbitrations to reflect new developments in WTO jurisprudence.
- Database of WTO dispute settlement tables and statistics.

Quick Reference: The DSC service acts as a quick reference tool by providing basic information on each WTO dispute settlement decision.

First page of each DSC contains:
- Timeline of dispute
- Parties/panelists/AB division/arbitrators
- List of issues covered
- List of key findings
- Appellate treatment of issues heard on appeal

- A new DSC is guaranteed within 1 to 3 weeks after the circulation of each WTO report/arbitration decision.

General Research Tool: The DSC service is a comprehensive tool for researching WTO case law.

- DSCs for all WTO panel/AB reports and WTO arbitrations dating back to 1995
- Detailed summary of findings for each report / Critical analysis of selected findings
- Updates of past DSCs to reflect new developments in WTO law
- References to related journal articles and books
- Full-text search engine for DSCs
- Keyword index of WTO legal provisions and terms (the "WTO Case Law Index")
- Sortable database of WTO disputes (view key information about disputes in sortable tables by key date, dispute name, panelist, AB Member, or subject matter)

Benefits of a Web Service: Because it is web-based, the DSC service makes research easy, with quick links, sortable tables and on-line customer service.
- DSC for each report/arbitration posted on website within 1 to 3 weeks of circulation to WTO Members
- E-mail notification for posting of DSCs on web site
- In each DSC, links are provided to underlying reports and other cited cases
- On-line discussion board/e-mail to answer customers' questions regarding DSCs
- Keyword index updated immediately after each report is circulated
- Sortable tables of key information on WTO disputes

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