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International Financial Statistics (IFS)


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Die Datenbank enthält die wichtigsten Statistiken internationaler und nationaler Institutionen (OECD, IMF, FAME, UNIDO, Deutsche Bundesbank, Statistisches Bundesamt, DIW, Eurostat) und umfasst über 32.000 Zeitreihen aus 200 Ländern, klassifiziert und berechnet auf der Grundlage einheitlicher Nomenklaturen und Konzepte. Die Datenbank erlaubt den Zugriff auf die gesamte verfügbare Datenhistorie, soweit amtlicherseits gespeichert und ab 1948/57, zu den Themengebieten allgemeine Wirtschafts- und Konjunkturstatistiken, Industriestatistiken, Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnung, Finanzstatistiken, Regionalstatistiken und Sozialstatistiken. Updates: monatlich.


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International Monetary Fund (IMF)

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The IFS Database and Browser on CD-ROM is keyed closely to the printed issues of IFS. It also contains historical data presented with a greater degree of precision than in the printed issues. Quarterly and monthly entries generally begin in 1957, and most annual entries begin in 1948. The CD-ROM incorporates a Windows-based browser facility, as well as the flat file of the database in scientific notation. The browser software provides a familiar and easy-to-use Windows interface for browsing the database, selecting series of interest, displaying the selected series in a spreadsheet format, and saving the selected series for transfer to other software systems, such as Microsoft Excel.

The IFS Online provides subscribers with the same data coverage as the IFS Browser product. The IFS database contains approximately 32,000 time series covering more than 200 countries and areas and includes all series appearing on the IFS Country Pages; exchange rate series for all Fund member countries, plus Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles; major Fund accounts series; and most other world, area, and country series from the IFS World Tables.

The Country, World, and Commodity Prices Tables, as presented in the monthly printed copy of IFS, are available as selection options. The Economic Concept View provides a cross-country view of the concepts in the IFS by individual or groups of countries.

Capabilities of IFS Online
IFS Online includes capabilities for the following:
- browsing the directory tree,
- drilling down through the structure of the database,
- selecting either individual time series or groupings of time series within a table presentation,
- saving selected data and metadata in a variety of formats, including a spreadsheet
- and saving and loading a query of selected time series.

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