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The Chinese Cultural Revolution Database


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Zhongguo wen hua da ge ming wen ku

Hrsg. v. Song Yongyi unter Mitwirkung v. Shih Chih-yu, Ding Shu, Zhou Yuan, Shen Zhijia, Guo Jian, Zhou Zehao und Wang Youqin


Inhalt :: Content

Quellensammlung zur Kommunistischen Partei Chinas (KPCh), der chinesischen Kulturrevolution Mao Zedongs und ihrer Folgen von 1960 bis 1988. Enthalten sind über 10.000 Originaldokumente, darunter u.a. Parteiverlautbarungen, Parteirichtlinien, Schriften und Redetranskripte Mao Zedongs, Lin Biaos und führender Parteifunktionäre sowie Presseberichte.


Verlag :: Publisher

Chinese University Press

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

The largest database for the study of the Cultural Revolution with:

- Original documents, including CCP notices, instructions, proclamations, speeches and major media commentaries: source citations for most documents are now available;

- First-hand sources totaling 35,000,000 words, or approximately 17% more than the 2002 CD-ROM edition;

- Fully retrievable search-engine by "author", "subjects", "title", "dates", "keywords", etc., in both Chinese and English,

- IP address recognition for on-line version; new materials will be added yearly.


- Foreword by Yu Yingshi

- Preface by Song Yongyi

- Part I: CCP's Documents, Directives, and Bulletins Concerning the Cultural Revolution

- Part II: Mao Zedong's Speeches, Directives, and Writings Concerning the Cultural Revolution

- Part III: Lin Biao's Speeches, Directives, and Writings Concerning the Cultural Revolution

- Part IV: Speeches, Instructions and Other Writings by the CCP Leaders during the Cultural Revolution

- Part V: Important Newspaper and Editorials and Articles Concerning the Cultural Revolution

- Part VI: Important Documents of the Red Guards and the Mass Movement during the Cultural Revolution

- Part VII: Important Documents of Heterodox Thoughts during the Cultural Revolution

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