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U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817-1994) with American State Papers (1789-1838)


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U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817-1994)

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The U.S. Congressional Serial Set, the bound, sequentially numbered volumes of all the Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, constitutes an incomparably rich collection of primary source material on all aspects of American History. During much of the 19th century, especially in the pre-Civil War era, the Serial Set included materials originating not only from the U.S. Congress but also key Executive Department publications that were published only or primarily in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set.

The Serial Set begins with Volume 1 in the first session of the 15th Congress (1817) and continues to this day. The Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set Digital Edition will cover the Serial Set from the 15th through the 96th Congresses (1817-1980) together with the American State Papers (a retrospective collection of materials originating from 1789 through 1838 but published in the second quarter of the 19th-century). The Serial Set sequential numbering system, whence the Set's name, was not devised until 1895 and then the numbering was applied retrospectively to all previously published volumes and prospectively to the current time.

The Serial Set is invaluable for research into:

- political history

- social history

- cultural history

- military history

- ethnic history

- international relations

- explorations

- commerce and industrial development

- genealogy, etc.

The Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set Digital Edition will for the first time make available digital images of all the publications, including maps and color plates, accompanied by searchable OCR-generated ASCII text and full bibliographic metadata for every publication.

Readex is pleased to have assembled a distinguished Editorial Advisory Board to ensure that the highest standards of bibliographic thoroughness and editorial integrity are met. These experts will provide invaluable guidance and insight as Readex begins the process of creating the most comprehensive collection of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set ever assembled.

Because of the massive size of the collection (over twelve million pages), the Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set Digital Edition will be released in phases, beginning with the pre-Civil War Period (1817-1859) [15th through the 35th Congresses] followed by the Civil War to end of the 19th-Century (1859-1899) [36th through the 55th Congresses].

The U.S. Congressional Serial Set is being released in monthly segments, the first of which was completed in September 2003, beginning with the 15th Congress.

Now online: Maps in the US Congressional Serial Set

The United States Congressional Serial Set is a massive source of primary documents for the study of United States history (and many other subjects). The Yale Library subscribes to a digital version of the Serial Set (also available through the Databases & Article Searching section of the Library's web site). Now the more than 50,000 maps included in the Serial Set are being indexed, and are available here.

You can browse or search by Personal Name, Location, Subject, Issuing Body or Date. Some examples: try a personal name search for "ambrosio lopez" to see a diagram of land claims in New Mexico territory from 1885; or try a date search (1799 or Earlier) to see a map of "La Nouvelle Orleans en 1728". Or browse under Map Subjects, then Social Issues, then Theaters, music halls, opera houses, etc. to see a map of Boston beer gardens in 1880.

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