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Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

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Second Edition (British English Edition
First Edition (American English Edition)

Michael Rundell, Gwyneth Fox

CD-ROM, Print + CD-ROM, Online

Print: British English Edition, 2007, 1.874 Seiten, kartoniert

Print: American English Edition, 2005, 20, 1.712 Seiten, kartoniert

Inhalt :: Content

Einsprachiges englisches Lernerwörterbuch mit über 100.000 Stichwörtern, davon 30.000 idiomatischen Wendungen sowie einer Vielzahl von neuen Wörtern aus dem aktuellen Sprachgebrauch. Der Basiswortschatz mit den 7.500 wichtigsten Wörtern der englischen Sprache ist hervorgehoben. Die Erklärungen sind auf der Basis eines Definitionsvokabulars von nur 2.500 der am häufigsten gebrauchten englischen Wörter verfasst. Das Sprachwörterbuch basiert auf dem über 220 Millionen Wörter umfassenden World English Corpus und ist in einer britischen und einer amerikanischen Ausgabe erhältlich. Alle Einträge sind jeweils mit britischer und amerikanischer Aussprache vertont.



Verlag :: Publisher
Macmillan Education, Max Hueber Verlag

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Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 (SP 3), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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Einzelplatz / Single user

British English Edition

13,85 GBP

American English Edition

13,50 GBP

Netzwerk / Network

British English Edition oder American English Edition

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Print + CD-ROM

Einzelplatz / Single user

British English Edition

29,86 EUR

American English Edition

28,50 EUR


Preise auf Anfrage / Prices on request

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978-1-405-06397-5 (CD-ROM, British English Edition, Second Edition, Einzelplatz / Single user)

978-0-333-96691-4 (CD-ROM, American English Edition, First Edition, Einzelplatz / Single user)

978-0-230-02720-6 (CD-ROM, British English Edition, Second Edition, Netzwerk / Network)

1-405-00239-5 (CD-ROM, American English Edition, First Edition, Netzwerk / Network)

978-1-405-02526-3 (Print + CD-ROM, British English Edition, Second Edition)

978-0-333-96672-3 (Print + CD-ROM, American English Edition, First Edition)

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Let the Macmillan English Dictionary open up your world!

This new edition includes:

- NEW hundreds of new words (satnav, greenwash, carbon trading, adspend, crystal meth, cyberlaw, geoeconomics)

- NEW many more collocations, synonyms and antonyms

- NEW extra clearly labelled subject-specific vocabulary (equity capital, faultline, heritage language, link rot, culture medium, data compression)

- NEW multi-page vocabulary building sections on the themes of movement, communication and emotions

- NEW a complete package of unique, carefully researched materials based on a detailed analysis of learners' own writing.

Full-page writing sections and Get it right boxes help you to become a more confident writer in academic and professional situations. This material has been created following a two-year collaboration with the Centre for English Corpus Linguistics, led by Professor Sylviane Granger, at the Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium.

The Macmillan English Dictionary is specially designed to help you to

understand language:

- find the meaning of words you read and hear

- menus take you straight to the right meaning

- subject-specific vocabulary, World English and encyclopaedic entries

- clear definitions using the most common words

use language:

- write and speak with confidence

- more information about the most frequent 7,500 words which are printed in red

- collocation boxes

- vocabulary-building sections

be aware of language:

- become a better learner by understanding how English works

- metaphor boxes

- usage notes on style, grammar and varieties of English

- Language Awareness pages on idioms, discourse, cultural values, word formation and more


Discover the CD-ROM with the whole of the dictionary plus much more...

Enlarge your vocabulary

- NEW Click on the thesaurus button next to every word to access a list of synonyms.

- Understand difficult words with over 1300 illustrations, animations and photographs, and more than 300 sound effects.

- Create your own wordlists to revise, improve and extend your vocabulary.

- Explore the Language Study pages to develop your vocabulary in particular areas of English, and discover the world with 200 interactive maps in the atlas.

Improve your pronunciation

- Hear the pronunciation of every word in British and American English at the click of a button

- Record, play back and improve your pronunciation, and search for other words that are pronounced in the same way

Personalise your search

- NEW Display only as much information about each word as you want, and add your own notes or translations to every entry in the dictionary

- Use the Super Search to look for groups of words that are of particular interest to you.

Exploit your dictionary

- NEW Over 200 interactive exercises to improve your writing skills

- NEW Connect instantly through weblinks to carefully selected websites offering cultural and encyclopaedic information

- Quick Find gives you instant dictionary definitions of words and phrases in documents, email or web pages. Just hover your mouse over the word you want to see


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