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Epigraph - A database of Latin inscriptions (CIL VI)

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Hrsg. v. E. J. Jory


Inhalt :: Content
Volltextdatenbank mit rund 40.000 stadtrömischen Inschriften des Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL), Band VI, 1 im lateinischen Original.


Verlag :: Publisher
University of Western Australia

Systemvoraussetzungen :: System requirements

Windows 95 oder höher


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Einzelplatz / Single user

400,00 USD (individuelle/private Nutzung)

600,00 USD (institutionelle Nutzung)

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information
EpiGraph, a database of Roman inscriptions, contains the text of those inscriptions collected at the instigation of Th. Mommsen and published under the auspices of the German Academy of Sciences in volume VI of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum. The editors Henzen, de Rossi, Bormann, Huelsen and Bang published the various fascicles of volume VI in the years between 1876 and 1933 and they contain almost 40,000 reports of inscriptions found in the city of Rome itself. Both the size of the collection and the provenance, the capital of the Roman Empire, make this the most important volume of the whole corpus and the mass of invaluable source material it contains provides the basis for any serious enquiry into Roman society, culture and history.

The aim of EpiGraph is to permit ready access to the information contained in the inscriptions from Rome. It reproduces as closely as possible the text of the inscriptions as it is represented in the printed volume. However, it must be stressed that what is provided is restricted to the text of the inscriptions and does not include collateral information such as the find spot, the present location of the inscription, the material on which it is inscribed, the manuscript tradition on which it is based, the alternative readings proposed or the interpretative comments of the various editors. In other words EpiGraph makes no attempt to replace the fascicles of CIL VI.

The data contained in EpiGraph is based on that used for the compilation of the Indices Vocabulorum published as CIL VI Pars VII in 1974 and 1975 and is presented in two formats, named "Text Only" and "Raw Data". One version contains only the words of the inscriptions without any indication of the status of the letters or words, i.e. whether they survive or have been supplemented, while the other uses a number of symbols to represent the text as it actually exists on the monument. These include delineation of short and tall letters, Claudian letters, reversed letters, ligatures, erasures, words written in litura etc.

By using one or both versions, simple or complicated searches can be made for individual letter strings or for particular features of interest to the enquirer.

Each record in EpiGraph is identified by an Inscription Number, as used in the indices to CIL VI.

Search details for EPIGRAPH

Searches can be made on:

- Inscription Numbers, Text Strings, Cognomina, Greek Text, Numerals, Claudian Letters, Ligatures, Reversed Letters, Short Letters, Tall Letters.

- Up to nine searches can be entered simultaneously and combined using the Boolean expressions "and", "or" and "not".

- "Supersearch" can display up to 32,000 entries at any one time.. A "summary" window displays one line for each inscription which contains a feature searched for and a "detail" window displays each inscription in full.

- Results of searches can be saved or printed either in their entirety or selectively.

- Installation disks for either Macintosh or PC and dedicated search and retrievable software are included with each CD ROM data base.

- A full "Help" file is included with the software.


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