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Taylor & Francis eBooks


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 50.000 E-Book-Titeln der Imprint-Verlage Taylor & Francis, Routledge, CRC Press, David Fulton, Earthscan, Focal Press und Psychology Press. Es können sowohl 33 fachbereichsbezogene Sammlungen (eCollections) mit rund 200 Untergruppen als auch individuelle Titelzusammenstellungen (Pick-and-Choose) abonniert oder durch einmaligen Kauf erworben werden. Im Rahmen von 15 eFocus-Paketen können ausgewählte Titel zu aktuellen Themenbereichen abonniert oder durch Kauf erworben werden. Eine weitere Option stellt das Abonnement einzelner "Bestseller Packages" mit jeweils 100 ausgewählten Titeln je Fachbereich dar. Das Political Science eBooks Archive and Subscription Package hingegen umfasst Front- und Backlist-Titel des Imprint-Verlages Routledge. Updates: wöchentlich.

Taylor & Francis eBooks


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Taylor & Francis

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- Archaeology
- Architecture

- Asian Studies

- Business & Management
- Classical Studies

- Construction

- Creative & Media Arts

- Criminology

- Economics
- Education

- Energy

- English Language & Linguistics
- Environment & Sustainability

- Geography

- Health Studies

- History
- Language Learning

- Law

- Literature

- Media & Communication

- Middle East Studies
- Music

- Philosophy

- Politics

- Psychology & Mental Health
- Religion

- Security

- Social Work

- Sociology

- Sport, Exercise & Leisure
- Theatre & Performing Arts

- Tourism, Hospitality & Events

- Urban Planning

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eFocus Packages
- eFocus on China

- eFocus on Development Studies

- eFocus on Ethics

- eFocus on Gender

- eFocus on Globalization

- eFocus on Human Rights

- eFocus on The Internet, Culture and Society

- eFocus on Islam

- eFocus on Korea

- eFocus on Medieval Studies

- eFocus on Postcolonialism

- eFocus on Race and Ethnicity

- eFocus on Sexuality Studies

- eFocus on Social and Cultural Theory

- eFocus on Urban Studies

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Bestseller Packages (je 100 Titel eines Fachbereiches)

Complete list of titles

- Architecture

- Asian Studies
- Business & Economics
- Classics

- English Language and Linguistics
- Geography

- History

- Media

- Philosophy

- Politics

- Psychology

- Religion

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Political Science eBooks Archive and Subscription Package

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Individuelle Sammlungen 

Jahresabonnement (Minimum: 50 Titel)

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Kauf (Minimum Erstbestellung: 50 Titel)

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Das Angebot richtet sich nicht an Verbraucher i. S. d. § 13 BGB und Letztverbraucher i. S. d. PAngV.

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Taylor & Francis Library eBooks, over 50,000 eBook titles in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, STM and Law from some of the world's leading imprints, allow you to maximize your resources effectively, with quick and efficient access to the right material at the right time, where and when your users want it.


- Simultaneous publication with the print version

- MARC records provided free of charge for easy integration into your library's catalogue

- Quick Search across all metadata, Advanced Search across all full text

- Saved Searches are an alternative way to keep up-to-date with a research topic - run a search, save it and rerun it on future occasions, or create an email alert

- DOIs at chapter level enabling direct linking to chapters and journal articles

- Book Abstracts and Table of Contents listings are available free of charge through CrossRef on all titles

- Athens Authentication compliant

- COUNTER compliant usage statistics

- Chapters may be viewed, downloaded or printed in PDF format

Purchase Options

We offer a range of purchase options to suit your library needs.

Annual Subscription


Pick & Mix on a title-by-title basis or choose from a range of subject packages. All subscriptions can be ordered with anytime start and the ability to change or swap titles on renewal (50-title minimum applies).

Outright Purchase

A minimum 50-title initial purchase is required after which further individual titles can be purchased and added to your collection whenever you wish. No maintenance charges apply if your account is kept active (a minimum of one new title purchased each year).

The Collections

eCollections - There are 33 eCollections, offering a vast range of titles in a variety of different subject areas. Over 100 sub-collections are also available to enable you to tailor your package more easily. All eCollections are available on annual subscription or as an outright purchase.

eFocus - 15 specialised, cutting-edge interdisciplinary collections, specially selected by expert subject editors. These packages have been created to complement some of today's newer university courses, and are regularly updated with new publications to keep current.

eBestSellers - Our best-seller packages include 100 of our best-selling works in 12 of our most popular subjects. A 'Greatest Hits' package if you will!

Archive & Subscription Packages - When you subscribe to either of our unique archive and subscription packages, you will not only gain access to two of our most prestigious frontlist programmes, you will also have free access to thousands of backlist titles. And you will retain perpetual access to the frontlist titles you receive during the life of your subscription.

Routledge Political Science eBooks Archive and Subscription Package

When you subscribe to either of our unique archive and subscription packages, you will not only gain access to our most prestigious front list programmes digitally, you will also have access to free back list content worth over £160,000!

Our new archive and subscription packages are now available in the following subjects:

- Economics, Business and Management - includes 2,052 backlist titles, plus approximately 250 new books per year

- Political Science - includes 1,680 backlist titles, plus approximately 160 new books per year.

You also have the option to purchase or subscribe to any of the sub-sets within these packages.

Pick & Mix

If none of our packages suit your institution's needs, you can tailor-make your own collection from across our full range of titles. (50-title minimum applies).

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