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British Parliamentary Papers


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With the British Parliamentary Papers from Readex, students and scholars of law, history, government, foreign studies, economics, sociology and political science can trace the development of the British Parliament, gain insight into the Parliamentary process and examine the issues and events that affect the British Commonwealth and the nations of the world. The British Parliamentary Papers collection consists of four segments.

A record of debates in both Houses of Parliament

Hansard's Debates (available from the 1980/1981 session to the present) contains the daily record of what was said in both Houses of Parliament. The Debates provide access to the discussion of legal and social implications of Parliamentary actions.

Proceedings from the House of Commons

The Journal of the House of Commons (available from the 1974/1975 session to the present) is an enlarged account of the proceedings of the House of Commons, compiled from the minutes and papers in the possession of the Clerks of the House.

Sessional Papers

The House of Lords Sessional Papers (available from the 1976/1977 session to the present) provide the Bills, Reports of Committees, Reports of Commissions and Accounts and Papers, which, when combined with the House of Commons Sessional Papers, provide the history of Parliamentary actions. Within these documents, the intent of Parliament is found. The House of Commons Sessional Papers (available from the 1979/1980 session to the present) consist of Bills, Reports, Accounts and Papers and Command Papers.

Parliamentary history in the 18th and 19th centuries

18th- and 19th-century Parliamentary materials have been called "the most important source for English social and economic history in modern times" and are the most valuable resource available for tracing the evolution of Parliament from patronage in the 18th century to eventual domination by the House of Commons. Readex's retrospective collection covers the years from 1731 to the 1961/1962 session. The remaining retrospective sessions, from 1962/1963 to 1978/1979, are now in the process of being reformatted from microprint to microfiche.

Additionally, Readex's index to the British Parliamentary Papers from the 1990/1991 session to the present is currently available on CD-ROM.

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