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Voprosy Istorii (1926-2004)


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Archivausgabe der russischen Zeitschrift "Voprosy Istorii" (Istorik-Marksist, 1926-1941, Istoricheskii zhurnal, 1937-1945, Voprosy Istorii, 1945 ff.).mit den Jahrgängen von 1926 bis 2004 im Volltext und Faksimile. Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte der wichtigsten geschichtswissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift Russlands sind russische und sowjetische, ost- und westeuropäische Geschichte sowie Weltgeschichte.

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Voprosy Istorii (Studies in History) is the oldest Soviet and Russian academic history journal, published since 1926, first under the title Istorik-Marksist (Marxist Historian, 1926-1941), then Istoricheskii zhurnal (History Journal, 1937-1945) and finally under the present title (since 1945).

Thanks to its profound and objective coverage of the Russian and world history, the journal is regarded as a respectable and authoritative academic edition. The journal has always provided an influential forum for outstanding historians from both Russia and other countries. The articles published by the journal were distinguished by their profound theoretical background, wide range of approaches, and a broad scope of the themes analyzed.

The journal offers a particular substantial room for the publication of the unedited and archival materials, especially those which were only recently declassified, under the section Declassified Documents of the 20th Century. Some other headings include Historical Portraits, Historical Journalism, Historians' Memoirs, and others.

The full-text electronic archive of Voprosy Istorii will help to reconstruct the complex, twisted ways of the Russian historiography, the nature and the content of theoretical and ideological controversies, and the current status and social role of the history science in post-Soviet Russia.

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