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Dictionary of Drugs


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Hrsg. v. C.R. Ganellin und David J. Triggle

CD-ROM, Online

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CRC Press / Chapman & Hall


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978-0-412-78760-7 (CD-ROM)

978-1-584-88352-4 (Online)

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Presenting nearly 13,000 entries with accurate, up-to-date and concise information on more than 47,500 compounds, the Dictionary of Drugs on CD-ROM is a one-stop resource for the medicinal chemist. As well as chemical and structural data, this database also offers mechanisms of drug action, octanol/water partition coefficients, marketing status plus literature references to pharmacological studies. In addition - for the top 1500 drugs - monographs are hyperlinked from the renowned PDR® (Physician's Desk Reference) Generics™, providing a wealth of pharmacokinetic and pharmacological data:


- Accurate systematic chemical names, generic names, trade names, trivial names

- Searchable chemical structures

- CAS Registry numbers

- Molecular formulae and weights

- Physical data including octanol/water partition coefficients, melting/boiling points, dissociation constants, optical rotation, UV

- Mechanism of action and therapeutic use

- Hazard and toxicity information

- Marketing status information

- Concise bibliography

- 1500 Monographs from the PDR® (Physician's Desk Reference) Generics™

- Extensive documentation describing major drug types and their mechanism of action

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