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English Reports (1220-1865)


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Juta Law

English Reports (1220-1865)

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The English Reports, which record the law of England from 1220-1865, are one of the greatest repositories of the Common Law. Their endowment to legal systems throughout the world is a common heritage of case law which goes back more than six centuries. The English Reports, containing thousands of judgments, extend to over 250 000 pages of print. This electronic publication opens up the study of the history of English law in ways that have hitherto been unimaginable. The English Reports contain law which is still good law in the USA and the Commonwealth nations. They also contain precedents which, more than any other source of law, explain the history and pre-history of those legal systems. The 176-volume printed edition remains a starting point for all serious legal research in the Common Law and the electronic edition unleashes the potential for research which has remained locked up in the English Reports for centuries.

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