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Houben-Weyl: Methods of Organic Chemistry


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Das bedeutende Referenzwerk der Organischen Chemie "Houben-Weyl: Methoden der organischen Chemie" (168 Bände, 4. Auflage 1975-2001) beinhaltet Beschreibungen zu rund 146.000 experimentellen Verfahren und 580.000 organisch-chemischen Verbindungen. Ausgewertet wurden rund 700.000 Literaturnachweise aus dem Zeitraum 1835-1995.

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Georg Thieme Verlag

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Houben-Weyl is the acclaimed reference series for preparative methods in organic chemistry, in which all methods are organized according to the class of compound or functional group to be synthesized:

- Contains 146 000 product-specific experimental procedures, 580 000 structures, and 700 000 references!

- The preparative significance of the methods for all classes of compounds is critically evaluated.

- The series includes data from as far back as the early 1800s to the present day.

Houben - Weyl has developed over a period spanning four generations of researchers. The foremost chemists of each generation had different and more exacting requirements for Houben-Weyl, and as such the reference series has become a vast literary work, providing researchers with a comprehensive and evaluated source of methods.

Due to the continued significance of Houben-Weyl's content, the 4th edition and E-series are still available in print.

Today's chemists need reference works to be easily and quickly available to them. To this end, Houben - Weyl has evolved into an electronic product that allows you to find any of the 146.000 experimental procedures at the touch of a button.

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