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Eighteenth Century Journals IV


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Newspapers and Periodicals, 1709-1820, from Chetham's Library, Manchester and the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds


Inhalt :: Content

Die kombinierte Volltext- und Faksimiledatenbank eröffnet den Zugang zu ausgewählten Quellenmaterialien aus z.T. sehr seltenen, englischsprachigen Zeitungen und Zeitschriften des 18. Jahrhunderts. Enthalten sind Titel aus den Beständen der Chetham's Library, Manchester und der Brotherton Library an der University of Leeds, die zwischen 1709 und 1820 in Manchester, London und Paris veröffentlicht wurden. Die Sammlung deckt ein umfangreiches Spektrum an Themenbereichen ab, die von Politik über Literatur und Theater bis hin zu verschiednen Aspekten des sozialen und religiösen Lebens reichen. Zur Digitalisierung wurden Titel ausgewählt, die nicht bereits in EEBO, ECCO oder 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers enthalten sind.

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Adam Matthew Digital

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Eighteenth Century Journals IV is sourced from Chetham's Library, Manchester and the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds. The wide-ranging titles in this collection offer an invaluable source of information for scholars and students concerned with any area of eighteenth century studies, including:

- the industrial revolution

- radicalism

- politics and government

- literature (British and European)

- philosophy and religion.

Nature of the Material

Rare printed journals, periodicals and newspapers of the long eighteenth century not covered in EEBO, ECCO, Gale's Making of the Modern World or 17th & 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers. All items are full text searchable.


Institutions that have also purchased other sections of the Eighteenth Century Journals Portal can enjoy integrated access via a single user interface, allowing streamlined browsing and searching across material from all collections simultaneously.

Scope of the Collection:

Material from Chetham's Library, Manchester, is the core collection for Eighteenth Century Journals IV. Established in 1653, Chetham's is the oldest public reference library in the UK, and from its excellent 18th century holdings we focus on rare magazines, literary periodicals and political journals. Continuing our commitment to publishing periodicals from outside London, we have also selected a strong collection of Manchester newspapers for the period. The Chetham's collection is supplemented by a selection of periodicals from the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds.

The wide-ranging titles in this collection offer an invaluable source of information for scholars and students concerned with any area of eighteenth century studies, including: the industrial revolution; radicalism; politics and government; literature (British and European); philosophy and religion. We have selected magazines and periodicals that express the diverse range of intellectual concerns that was characteristic of the Enlightenment reader.

The Manchester newspapers trace the transformation of the town into the world's first industrialised city, covering the massive growth of the textile industry in the region; the population explosion and urbanisation of the area; and the radical politics, riots and unrest that grew to be synonymous with the city. They will be a key source for historians of British politics or the industrial revolution.

Sample Titles Include:

- Harrop's Manchester mercury/Harrop's Manchester mercury and general advertiser/Manchester mercury and Harrop's general advertiser (1752-1775)

- Manchester journal (1754)

- Manchester chronicle: or Anderton's Universal advertiser (1763)

- Prescott's Manchester Journal (1771;1774)

- Wheeler's Manchester chronicle (1791-2;1793;1803;1805-6;1811)

- Manchester herald (31 Mar 1792; 7 Apr 1792)

- Pr[oposed?] new Manc[hester weekly?] W. Co[wdroy] for eleven year[s publisher of] the Chester [chroni]cle and T. Boden, Bookseller, St. Mary's-Gate, Manchester, having been for some time engaged in preparing for publication, a weekly paper under the title of The Manchester Gazette, or weekly advertiser. (1795)

- Manchester telegraph (1803)

- British volunteer, and Manchester weekly express (March 30, August 3, September 7 1805; March 22, May 10, June 7, 1806; April 1 1809)

- Chester Chronicle (1812)

- Supplement to The Lancaster gazette, and general advertiser for Lancashire, Westmoreland, &c

- Cowdroy's Manchester gazette, and weekly advertiser

- Observer

- Whitehall, July 16. 1695. This day came in the mail from Holland of Friday last, and brings the following advices... (1695)

- Present state of Europe: or, The historical and political monthly mercury... (1709-1711)

- Memoirs of literature. Containing a large account of many valuable books, letters and dissertations upon several subjects (1722)

- New memoirs of literature, containing an account of new books printed both at home and abroad, with dissertations upon several subjects, miscellaneous observation &c (1725-1727)

- Phnix Britannicus: being a miscellaneous collection of scarce and curious tracts, historical, political, biographical... (1732)

- The Bee: or, Universal weekly pamphlet [The Bee Reviv'd] (1733)

- Les spectacles de Paris, ou suite du calendrier historique et chronologique des théatres... (1757, 1771-1772, 1778)

- Lady's magazine; or, Entertaining companion for the fair sex, appropriated solely to their use and amusement (May 1777)

- Histoire de la république des lettres et arts en France (1779-1783)

- A New review; with literary curiosities, and literary intelligence, for the year... (1782-1786)

- Reports of the Humane Society (1786-88)

- A letter to every person in Great-Britain, who as the least regard for the foundation of all our liberties, the liberty of the press... (nd)

- Bell's Weekly messenger (1802-1805)

- Patriot: a periodical publication, intended to arrest the progress of seditious and blasphemous opinions, too prevalent in the year 1819 (1819-1820)

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