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Krokodil Digital Archive 1922-2008


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu sämtlichen Ausgaben des russischen Satire-Magazins "Krokodil" von 1922 bis 2008 im kombinierten Text- und Imageformat.


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East View Information Services

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Krokodil (lSSN 0130-2671) (Russian "крокодил", "Crocodile") was a satirical magazine published in the Soviet Union. Founded in 1922, it was first published as a supplement for Rabochaia gazeta.

Although political satire was dangerous during much of the Soviet period, KrokodiJ was given considerable license to lampoon political figures and events. Other safe topics for mockery included the mid-level bureaucrat's lack of imagination and workers drinking on the job. The journal also ridiculed capitalist countries and attacked various political, ethnic and religious groups that allegedly opposed the Soviet system.

East View has digitized the complete archive of Krokodil as full-image, text-searchable files, which have been loaded onto our Universal Database platform. Researchers will find articles quickly and easily.

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