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Mass Observation Online


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Mass Observation Online offers revolutionary access to one of the most important archives for the study of Social History in the modern era.

The archive has always been immensely popular with students because it offers immediate and engaging evidence of major trends such as the increasing role of women in work, the birth of the welfare state and the growth of secularism. Through interviews, overheard conversations, directive responses and diary entries it offers brilliant cameos describing where people lived, worked and played.

This project does not duplicate anything that we have published on microfilm. Rather, it complements this material, offering integrated access to both the new online material and the existing microfilm series.

It comprises:

- A complete set of the File Reports, 1937-1972, with full text searching ability. We have added nearly 25% more material to the previously published microfiche set. They are a perfect introduction to the archive.

- Seven previously unpublished Topic collections, including: The Budget, Household Matters and Household Budgeting, 1939-1950; Famous Persons; Juvenile Delinquency; Korea, 1950; Peace & the Public, 1956; Radio Listening, 1939-1948; and World Outlook, 1945-1950.

- The Day Surveys, 1937-1938 - these were special one-day diaries written on the 12th of the month by up to 500 observers.

- Diaries, 1939-1940 - offering roughly 500 separate accounts of what was happening each month. For anyone studying the outbreak of the war, the impact of Dunkirk, the Blitz, evacuation, or a host of other topics, they are indispensable.

- Directives, 1939-1940 - these are specific responses to questions on topics concerning drinking, religion, political beliefs, and much more.

This publication opens up a host of essay and project possibilities on topics such as abortion, old age, crime, eating habits, shopping, fashion, dance, popular music, coal mining, adult education, sex, sport, reading, ethnic minorities, and the decline of Empire. It is a resource that will be welcomed by historians, literary scholars, sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists.

The complete File Reports, 1937-1972, fully searchable.

- All of the Day Surveys and Diaries, 1937-1940, offering nearly 500 accounts of the outbreak of war, the impact of Dunkirk, and the Blitz.

- Options to search the online resource or the whole archive, including the material in our microfilm series.

- Accessible and exciting material that will provide the basis for thousands of essays and projects.

- Contextual essays by leading scholars.

- Comparative resources for the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s & 1960s.

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