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International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC)


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Hrsg. v. André Nollkaemper und Erika de Wet


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Online-Service mit Dokumentationen zum Umgang nationaler Gerichtsbarkeiten mit Fragen des internationalen Rechts. Enthalten sind derzeit Volltexte von Urteilen in der Originalsprache sowie die Übersetzung von Schlüsselpassagen ins Englische. Berichtszeitraum: 2000 ff.

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Oxford University Press

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International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC) brings you the most important international law issues being decided in domestic courts around the world today. With legal experts in the field reporting on cases from over sixty-five jurisdictions, this online service highlights the full range of jurisprudence around the globe in a format that makes it easy to pinpoint specific legal issues, and to compare how these issues have been dealt with in different jurisdictions. A vital resource for both lawyers in practice and legal scholars in a rapidly evolving field, ILDC tracks the changes in the law as they occur, offering bi-monthly updates on cases soon after they appear.

Throughout the year, our world-wide team of legal scholars monitors local courts in their assigned jurisdictions, and selects the most relevant cases that examine issues of international law. Their expert commentary highlights the most salient points of the case and provides legal context to understand the implications of how national courts have interpreted International Law in reaching their decisions. English translations of key passages, along with full judgments in the original language, make this a valuable tool for lawyers and legal scholars in all practice settings.

A rigorous selection process seeks to include both those cases that are relevant for the identification and interpretation of principles and rules of general international law (principles of jurisdiction, immunities, state succession, responsibility, general principles) as well as cases relevant for the identification and interpretation of principles and rules of international law in certain functional fields, such as human rights law, international criminal law, and many more.

Features include:

- Traditional headnotes supplemented by analytical commentary on each case

- Full texts of all decisions in the original language

- Translations of all non-English language decisions

- Searchable by keyword or full text search

- Initially includes an archive going back to the start of 2000

- New cases and updates added fortnightly

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