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Vestnik Evropy (1802-1830)


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Volltextausgabe der 1802 von Nikolay Karamzin begründeten Zeitschrift "Vestnik Evropy", die eine der ersten literarischen und politischen Zeitschriften Russlands darstellt.

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East View Information Services

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One of the first Russian literary and political journal. Together with literature and arts the journal enlightened its readers on problems of internal and foreign policy of Russia, history and political life of foreign countries. It became conservative since 1815.

East View has launched a full-scale digitization project to convert the influential, pre-revolutionary journal Vestnik Evropy, one of the first Russian literary and political journals.

Well-known among scholars and researchers of Russian history, this journal played a significant role in the development of Russian literature as well as social thought.

Published in Moscow from 1802 to 1830, Vestnik Evropy was founded by Nikolay Karamzin, famous author and historian. Among the journal's contributors were the talented poets Zhukovsky, Derzhavin, Vyazemsky, Batyushkov, and others. Vestnik Evropy published the first poems of Aleksandr Pushkin in 1814.

More than 57,000 pages of text (the complete set) are being digitized with OCR methods and adapted for use in East View's familiar, powerful Universal Database™ format. The Old Russian will be adapted into modern Russian orthography with support from the Institute of Russian Language in Moscow.

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