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Compendium Organic Synthetic Methods


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John Wiley & Sons


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Organic transformations are at the heart of modern synthetic organic chemistry. The Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods series makes the search for the appropriate or useful functional group transformation easier than ever. Both a handy reference and a valuable tool for working organic chemists in both academia and industry, the searchability of the online offering allows rapid checks for known organic transformations making workflow in the laboratory more seemless and efficient.

The series employs a classification scheme for quick and easy reference and information retrieval. Transformations are grouped by the reacting functional group of the substrate and then by the function group reaction products formed. Indices are provided for both monofunctional and difunctional compounds as key to specific classes of transformations. Useful for both graduate students as well as practicing bench chemists, Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods provides an ideal starting point for researching common organic transformations.

Designed for both professional and student synthetic chemists, it will also be highly relevant to medicinal chemists and to chemists working in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and biotechnology.

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