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Compact International Agricultural Research Library, Basic Retrospective Set 1962-1986 (CIARL BRS)


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Umfangreiches Nachschlagewerk für landwirtschaftliche Forschungen. Enthalten sind ein vollständiges Verzeichnis von 1.350 Titeln (veröffentlicht von 20 landwirtschaftlichen Forschungszentren weltweit), 2000 Dokumente (Bücher, Serien und Vorgänge), die zwischen 1962 und 1986 veröffentlicht wurden, über 190.000 Seiten mit Material in Textform, über 50.000 monochrome Abbildungen (einschließlich aller Graphiken und Fotos), 1.900 ausgewählte Farbabbildungen sowie Karten und Feldführer.


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The World Bank Group

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247,50 USD

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Now agricultural researchers worldwide can have instant access to 190,000 pages of research material without leaving their computers. The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), an informal association of 40 public and private sector donors, has created one of the world's largest full-text agricultural research libraries on 17 CD-ROMs. Users can access * complete text, images, and catalogue records for some 1,350 titles originally published by 20 agricultural research centers * key books, serials, and proceedings published between 1962 and 1986-totaling 2,000 documents * more than 190,000 pages of materials converted to text * over 50,000 monochrome images, including all graphics and photographs * 1,900 selected color images-such as maps and field guides. The Master Disc provides indexes, a set of fully searchable catalogue records, and a handy finding aid for easy subject access to documents. The retrieval system gives users many search options. These options range from simple searches for beginners to advanced search techniques for more experienced users. While documents in CIARL BRS come in 11 different languages, most materials are in English, Spanish, and French. All interface prompts, text messages, user aids, and the reference guide are included in these three languages. Documents cover 6 broad research areas: * developing technologies to increase productivity on farmers' fields * protecting productivity of natural resources on which agriculture depends * helping developing countries formulate and carry out effective food, agriculture, and research policies * strengthening national agricultural research systems in developing countries * building links between institutions in developing countries and other elements of the global agricultural system.

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