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CIR Compendium 2014


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The Personal Care Products Council


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The 2014 CIR Compendium is the most complete collection of cosmetic ingredient safety reviews available. The 2014 CIR Compendium contains concise information on each ingredient reviewed by CIR and its Expert Panel over the past 38 years. Professionals in the cosmetic industry, as well as dermatologists and toxicologists, who need concise information about safety assessments, will find the 2014 CIR Compendium an indispensable, easy-to-use resource.

It contains summaries of the most essential information from the safety assessments on more than 3,500 ingredients by the CIR Expert Panel, which is an increase of over 300 from the last edition. Again this year, the Compendium is available both as a single copy PDF download or a company wide site license, enabling you to make this important information available to your full staff.

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