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China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980


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Sources from the School of Oriental and African Studies and the British Library, London


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Adam Matthew Digital


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This project answers the need for clear, intelligible and informative English-language sources relating to China and the West, 1793-1980, which can be used in the classroom or in course packs.

It is also ideal for independent projects on almost any aspect of Chinese history during the two centuries of monumental social and political upheaval that ultimately recreated China into a modern power. It comprises:

- A large body of maps, colour paintings, photographs and drawings depicting people, places, customs and events that will enliven any study of China.

- Substantial papers of key individuals involved in the Chinese Maritime Customs service from ECM and CAV Bowra to Robert Hart and Frederick Maze.

- Records of major diplomatic missions to China ranging from the late 18th and early 19th century missions of Macartney and Amherst to those of Nixon and Heath in the 20th century.

- Papers of missionaries active in all regions of China from Canton and Macao to Shanghai and Peking.

- Extensive, fully searchable run of the Chinese Recorder, 1867-1941

- Recently opened files from the National Archives at Kew relating to the thawing of relations with China in the 1970s.

Source Libraries:

- The School of Oriental and African Studies, London

- The British Library, London

with additional material from the CMS Archive, the National Archives, Kew and the National Library of New Zealand

Nature of the Material:

Unique manuscript material relating to the activities and observations of British and American diplomats, missionaries, business people and tourists in China from 1793 to 1980, together with rare periodicals, colour paintings, maps, photographs and drawings.

All of the printed materials (including the typescript records of Chinese Maritime Customs officials) have been double-keyed and are full-text searchable. All of the manuscript material has been indexed to provide ready accessibility for students by person, place and subject. An interactive map encourages searches by city and region.

There is no overlap with material published in "China and the West: The Maritime Customs Service Archive: From the Second Historical Archives, Nanjing, China".

Scope of the Collection:

This project provides a wide variety of original source material detailing China's interaction with the West from Macartney's first Embassy to China in 1793, through to the Nixon/Heath visits to China in 1972-74.

It provides multiple perspectives - from politicians, diplomats, missionaries, business people and tourists, and documents many of the key events that happened in this period, including:

- the 1793 Macartney Embassy

- the 1816 Amherst Embassy

- the founding of Singapore

- the Opium Wars

- the opening of Hong Kong

- the Taiping Rebellion

- Missions in China, 1869-1970

- the Japanese seizure of Taiwan

- the 'opening of Korea'

- the Sino-French and territorial struggles with Germany, Britain, America and Japan

- the Boxer War

- the Russo-Japanese war

- the 1911 Revolution

- the Republican and Nationalist governments of Sun Yatsen and Jiang

- the Warlord period

- the Sino-Japanese war

- the Rape of Nanjing

- the Communist Revolution led by Mao

- the Korean War

- the Great Leap Forward

- the 1972 Nixon visit to China

- Rolls-Royce's negotiations regarding the delivery of jet engines to China, 1973-1975

- the Douglas-Home and Heath visits to China, 1973-74

There are key documents relating to the Chinese Maritime Customs service, from Robert Hart to Frederick Maze; significant sources describing the lives of missionaries in China; papers of key individuals such as Thomas Stamford Raffles, Lord Aberdeen and Rewi Alley; and extensive, fully searchable runs of the Chinese Recorder, 1867-1941, and Light and Life, 1935-1970.

The material is ideal for project work as there are substantial clusters of original documents for almost all of the issues covered.

In addition, this project offers over 400 colour paintings, maps and drawings by English and Chinese artists, as well as countless photographs, sketches and ephemeral items, depicting Chinese people, places, customs and events, which provide a striking visual accompaniment to the documentary images.

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