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Organic Reaction Mechanisms


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A complete survey of organic reaction literature by leading experts in the field drawing on key developments during the year

Provides synthetic, organic and medicinal chemists with one-stop reference to the latest and historic developments in organic mechanism reactions Later volumes flag the stereochemical possibilities of reactions throughout each volume

Organic Reaction Mechanisms is a cornerstone series in organic and synthetic chemistry. This annual series, beginning in 1965, on organic reaction mechanisms provides concise, comprehensive coverage of the year's literature. It is organised by different class of organic reaction and includes discussion and elucidation of important results. Each volume is extensively referenced to previous volumes and significant primary journals articles, providing a comprehensive literature resource for the researcher.

Mechanisms for the synthesis of all types of organic compounds are included as well as such mechanisms as addition and elimination reactions, nucleophilic and electrophilic aromatic substitutions, oxidation/reduction and molecular rearrangements. Later volumes highlight all reaction mechanisms leading to stereospecific products, an important addition for both synthetic and medicinal chemists.

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