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The American West


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Sources from the Everett D Graff Collection of Western Americana at the Newberry Library, Chicago


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Adam Matthew Digital


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Nature of the Material:

Original manuscripts, ephemeral material (trade cards, wanted posters, photos, claim certificates, news-sheets etc), maps, and rare printed works.

All of the material has been catalogued in detail and the rare printed sources have been double-keyed.

The majority of the material is unique. All of the rare printed material has been screened against other collections such as Sabin to avoid unnecessary overlap.

Scope of the Collection:

The Graff Collection at the Newberry Library is widely regarded as one of the finest collections of Western Americana in existence. Described by Ray Allen Billington as "a monument to the American Past" it brings together a wide variety of materials including:

- Over 300 manuscripts - ranging from the original manuscript journal and papers of James Audubon, and a twelve page letter of General Custer, to the logbook of a cattle trail driver and the Hinman papers describing the overland trail to California and the Gold Rush.

- Broadsides - a host of extremely rare or unique ephemeral material including advertisements, claim certificates, cheques, photos, wanted notices and news-sheets - all of which are superb visual resources.

- Maps - an important and underutilised resource for teaching the American West - partly due to their size and unwieldy nature - partly due to their rarity.

- Rare printed works - the Graff collection includes many unique or extremely rare items - ranging from extra-illustrated volumes and association copies to city directories and pamphlets and leaflets.

This digital edition includes nearly all of the manuscripts and broadsides, over 120 fully-zoomable maps, much of the ephemeral and unique printed material and contextual material suggested by scholars.

The main themes covered by the project are:

- Native Americans

- Pioneers, Hunters and Explorers

- Mining and the Gold Rush

- The Mormon Exodus

- Homesteaders, Overland Travel and Early Settlements

- Cattle Ranchers

- The Railroads, Transportation and Urban History

- Outlaws, Vigilantes and the Law

- Agricultural Development and the Environment

- The Imagined West: Wild West Shows and Fiction

- Borderlands: Canada and the Pacific Northwest

- Borderlands: Texas, Mexico and the South

The material continues right up to the 1930s. Particular sub-groups of material featured include captivity narratives, emigrants' guides, travel journals, records of entertainments, brand books, store catalogs, city directories, town histories, pulp fiction and early journals and newspapers.

Given the size of the project and the unique character of much of the material, this project will provide a secure base for researchers working in this field. Equally, it will be an ideal resource for anyone teaching in this area, who will welcome the wealth of visual material, the ease of making links to individual pages and items, and the spectacular maps.

Features & Highlights

- The material ranges from 1722 to 1939, but the heaviest concentration is from 1830 to 1939.

- Much of the material is unique and we have tried to avoid duplication with other published projects.

- All printed material is full text searchable and can be viewed as transcripts or facsimiles.

- Most maps are in colour and have increased zooming functionality.

- There are wonderful resources for urban history, including directories for many leading settlements that show how they developed over time.

- Environmental issues looked at include the decline of buffalo herds, the planting of the prairies, water management and the impact of roads and railroads.

There are multiple methods of access, including:

- Both simple and advanced search facilities.

- Browsing through thematic lists.

- Geographic searching through interactive maps.

- A browseable list in Graff numeric order.

- Following links from the essays or as prepared by the course instructor.

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