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Argumenty i Fakty 1983-2006


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Archiv der Wochenzeitung "Argumenty i Fakty" (AIF) im Volltext. Die zu Sowjetzeiten 1978 gegründete AIF ist die meistgelesene russische Wochenzeitung. Zeitliche Abdeckung: 1983-2006.

Argumenty i Fakty 1983-2006

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East View Information Services

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Argumenty i Fakty – a weekly newspaper based in Moscow – once had the largest circulation of any periodical in the world. In 1990 AiF (its common abbreviation) was entered in the Guinness book of records for its print run of 33.5 million.

Founded by the Russian organization "Knowledge" (Znanie), AiF's original goal was to provide propagandists with statistical and other hard-to-find information.

During the Gorbachev era Argumenty i Fakty became one of the most important newspapers in the Soviet Union – a major tool in publicizing Gorbachev's policy of glasnost.

Argumenty i Fakty has been digitized completely by East View and is now available as a single title UDB or as part of the Universal Database of Russian Central Newspapers, UDB-COM.

Your library's subscription to Argumenty i Fakty will provide insights into one of the most important periods in modern Russian history.

UDB-AiF is:

- ease of access -- either as a standalone electronic title or added to an existing UDB-COM (Russian Central Newspapers)

- cutting edge—better than print, with access to archives

- user friendly—Cyrillic input in a virtual keyboard, browse capability and easy navigation

- geared for libraries—content updates, permanent URLs, COUNTER compliant usage reports, perpetual access and direct authentication for an unlimited number of patrons

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