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Eighteenth Century Journals III


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Newspapers and Periodicals, 1680-1815, from British Library Newspapers, Colindale and Cambridge University Library


Inhalt :: Content

Die kombinierte Volltext- und Faksimiledatenbank eröffnet den Zugang zu ausgewählten Quellenmaterialien aus 67, z.T. sehr seltenen, englischsprachigen Zeitungen und Zeitschriften des 18. Jahrhunderts. Der Schwerpunkt dieser Teilsammlung liegt auf Zeitungen und Zeitschriften, die außerhalb von London veröffentlicht wurden. Enthalten sind beispielsweise Titel aus Kanada, dem karibischen Raum, Indien oder Irland. Die Sammlung deckt ein umfangreiches Spektrum an Themenbereichen ab, die von Politik über Literatur und Theater bis hin zu Aspekten des religiösen und sozialen Lebens reichen. Zur Digitalisierung wurden Titel ausgewählt, die nicht bereits in EEBO, ECCO oder 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers enthalten sind.

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Adam Matthew Digital

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Eighteenth Century Journals III is drawn from British Library Newspapers at Colindale and from Cambridge University Library. At the request of scholars and librarians, it focuses on journals published outside of London.

Scholars will be excited by the inclusion of Canadian, Caribbean and Indian journals and can explore the ways in which major world events such as the revolution in Haiti are reported in different areas.

They will also be delighted to see the large number of Irish journals, together with a good number of titles published in Edinburgh, Canterbury and Cambridge.

As always, the material has been carefully checked against Burney, ECCO, Early British Periodicals and other relevant sources to avoid needless duplication. All of the material has been double-keyed and is fully searchable, achieving 99.5% accuracy (much higher than using OCR).

Nature of the Material:

Rare printed journals, periodicals and newspapers of the long eighteenth century not covered in EEBO, ECCO or Burney. All items are full text searchable.


Institutions that have also purchased other sections of the Eighteenth Century Journals Portal can enjoy integrated access via a single user interface, allowing streamlined browsing and searching across material from all collections simultaneously.

Scope of the Collection:

Ever since the publication of Sections I and II scholars and librarians have encouraged us to make available further 18th century journals, with a particular emphasis on those published outside of London.

To commence this process we have selected a group of 25 titles from Canada, the Caribbean and India from British Library Newspapers at Colindale. None of these titles appear in the Burney Collection (Early English Newspapers) or in ECCO or EEBO.

These journals demonstrate how news spread throughout the Empire and show how different stories gain greater prominence in different territories. They are an invaluable source for local news, but they also show how culture, taste and political concerns are circulated.

To this has been added a further 42 journals from Cambridge University Library, which is dominated by a large number of extremely rare titles published in Belfast, Clare, Cork, Derry, Drogheda, Dublin, Limerick, Munster, Sligo and Westmeath. Many are from the 1790s and reflect the revolutionary fervour in Ireland.

Cambridge also holds a number of important journals produced in Edinburgh (such as The Lounger and The Farmer's Magazine), Canterbury (The Kentish Chronicle) and we also include the Cambridge University Magazine for 1795.

Sample Titles Included:

- Nova-Scotia Gazette, 1767-1769

- Nova Scotia Gazette and Weekly Chronicle, 1776

- Royal American Gazette, 1786 - Nova Scotia, Canada

- Nova Scotia Packet and General Advertiser, 1786

- Jamaica Mercury and Kingston Weekly Advertiser (then the Royal Gazette), 1779-1781, 1793, 1794, 1809

- Bermuda Gazette and Weekly Advertiser, 1785

- Kingston Journal, 1789

- Daily Advertiser, 1790 - Kingston, Jamaica

- Jamaica Mercury and Kingston Weekly Advertiser, 1797

- Hicky's Bengal Gazette, or Calcutta General Advertiser, 1780-1782 - Calcutta, India

- India Gazette, or Calcutta Public Advertiser, 1781-1782, 1785, 1793 - Calcutta, India

- India Gazette, or Calcutta Advertiser, 1782-1788

- Calcutta Gazette; or Oriental Advertiser, 1784-1791

- Calcutta Chronicle: and General Advertiser, 1787-1790

- Madras Courier, 1790-1792

- Bombay Gazette, 1792, 1813-1814

- Asiatic Mirror and Commercial Advertiser, 1793, 1798 - Calcutta, India

- Bengal Lottery, 1793 - Calcutta, India

- Calcutta Friday Morning Post and General Advertiser, 1793

- Calcutta Morning Post Extraordinary, 1793

- Bombay Courier, 1793-1800

- Calcutta Gazette, or Oriental Advertiser, 1793-1794

- Hircarrah, 1794 - Madras, India

- World, 1794 - Calcutta, India

- Madras Gazette, 1795, 1799, 1809

- Weekly amusement; or, Universal magazine (Dublin), 1735

- Dublin Evening post, 1735, 1797, 1799

- Limerick Journal, Ireland, 1744

- Munster Journal, Ireland, 1744

- Patriot (Dublin), 1748

- Whigg-monitor (Dublin), 1749

- Ferrar's Limerick Chronicle (Limerick), Ireland, 1769

- Cork Journal (Cork, Ireland), 1778

- Mirror (Dublin), 1784

- Clare Journal (Ireland), 1795

- London-derry journal. And, Donegal and Tyrone advertiser (Ireland), 1795

- Freemason's journal: or, Pasley's universal intelligencer (Ireland), 1795

- Strabane journal. Or the general advertiser (Ireland), 1795

- Westmeath Journal (Ireland), 1795

- Cork Courier (Cork, Ireland), 1795

- Drogheda Journal; or, Meath and Louth Advertiser (Ireland), 1796

- Belfast news-letter, 1797

- Press (Dublin), 1797-1798

- Dublin Evening Post, 1797, 1799

- Cork herald: or, Munster advertiser (Cork, Ireland), 1798

- Hibernian Journal: or, Chronicle of liberty (Ireland), 1798, 1799

- Sligo Journal and Weekly Advertiser (Ireland), 1799

- Weekly pacquet of advice from Rome restored: or, The history of Popery continued (London), 1680-1682

- Rehearsal rehears'd, in a dialogue between Bayes and Johnson (London), 1706

- Heraclitus ridens (London), 1713

- Weekly Journal with fresh advices foreign and domestick (London), 1715

- Scourge in vindication of the Church of England (London), 1717, 1720

- Monthly London Journal: containing, the most material occurences... (London), 1722

- Ipswitch journal, or the weekly-mercury, 1730

- Herald, or patriot proclaimer (London), 1758

- Lounger (Edinburgh), 1788

- Oriental repertory... in four numbers (London), 1791-1797

- Britannic magazine; or Entertaining repository of heroic adventures (London), 1793-1807

- University magazine (Cambridge), 1795

- Tribune (London), 1795-1796

- Kentish chronicle (Canterbury), 1797

- British Military Library; or, Journal (London), 1798-1801

- Farmer's magazine (Edinburgh), 1800-1825

- Billinge's Liverpool advertiser (Liverpool), 1809

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