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Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO): Jewish Studies


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Fachbibliographische Datenbank zu ausgewählten Themenbereichen aus dem interdisziplinär ausgerichteten Gebiet der "Jüdischen Studien". Die von Fachwissenschaftlern kommentierte Bibliographie ist in Form von grundlegenden "Einführungen" um enzyklopädisches Wissen erweitert. Mit umfangreichen Suchfunktionen und Querverweisen auf thematisch verwandte Artikel bietet die Datenbank die Möglichkeit einer schnellen Übersicht über die aktuelle Fachliteratur. Verzeichnet werden neben Büchern, Aufsätzen und Zeitschriften auch Webseiten und Datenbanken. Updates: laufend. Jährlicher Zuwachs: ca. 50-75 Einträge.


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Oxford University Press

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The field of Jewish studies is broad and interdisciplinary, encompassing history, religion, philosophy, literature, sociology and political science. Its chronological and geographical range is immense, stretching from the Bible to the present and including communities from the Americas to Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, South and East Asia, and Africa. In short it is a culture with world-wide dimensions and it is extraordinarily difficult for students and scholars to stay informed about such a wide diversity of sources. With advances in online searching and database technologies, researchers can easily access library catalogs, bibliographic indexes, and other lists that show thousands of resources that might also be useful to them. But how can the researcher, no matter at what level, filter through the proliferation of information to identify what is reliable and directly relevant to their inquiries? What is needed now, more than ever, is expert guidance. This is what OBO Jewish Studies offers through its carefully selected articles that break down subject areas into their component parts and pithy annotations that summarize the main contribution of each citation.

Oxford Bibliographies Online

Oxford Bibliographies Online is an online-only resource designed to help busy researchers find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best scholarship available, whether it be a book, chapter, journal, website, or database.

Each subject module is composed of a series of entries covering the major areas of scholarship within that discipline. Entries feature a unique design specifically created to accommodate the way research is conducted online.

Combining the best features of a research level encyclopedia and the traditional bibliography...

Each entry includes:

- Heading - concisely identifies the types of resources and key areas of scholarship

- Commentary Text - provides a synoptic, narrative guide with recommendations to guide users through the citations that follow and to draw attention to connections between the items in the list

- Bibliography - provides a selective list of citations to the best and most useful resources

- Annotations - provide guidance about the content of each citation and how each will aid research

Continual expansion and the stamp of excellence...

- Each subject module has an Editor in Chief and an Editorial Board and is reviewed annually for updates.

- Includes specially-commissioned expert recommendations with critical supportive text and annotation, providing full context for understanding citations

- 50- 100 entries at launch per subject all peer reviewed and board vetted

- Updated 3-times a year with 50-75 entries per year added to each subject module


- Sort results alphabetically - by relevance, alphabetically

- Advanced search - allow users to search for citations by author or title of work, limit by subject module and by resource type (eg book, journal article, website)

- Email search results

- Direct linking to online resources and library catalogues

- Export citations to EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, RefWorks or Zotero.

- DOIs (static URLs) to be available at entry level

- My OBO citations can be saved to build and customise bibliographies

- RSS feeds for My OBO account holders - new entries

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