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Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior


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Hrsg. v. Michael D. Breed und Janice Moore


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Umfassendes Nachschlagewerk mit rund 370 Beiträgen von führenden internationalen Fachwissenschaftlern zur tierischen Verhaltensforschung und ihren Fachrichtungen bzw. Teildisziplinen, angefangen von der vergleichenden Verhaltensforschung (Ethologie) über Neuroethologie, Verhaltensgenetik und Ethoendokrinologie bis hin zu den neueren Zweigen der Verhaltensbiologie wie der Ethoökologie und Soziobiologie. Das Referenzwerk umfasst nicht nur die üblichen Themen wie Kommunikation, Lernen, sexuelle Selektion, Orientierung und die Geschichte der Disziplin, sondern auch aufstrebende Themen wie Kognition, Tierschutz, Naturschutz und Anwendungen des tierischen Verhaltens. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2010 erschienene, 3-bändige Printausgabe zugrunde.

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Elsevier Science

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The Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior (Elsevier/Academic Press) has engaged-with great success-the efforts of many of the best behavioral biologists of the 21st century. Section editors drawn from the most accomplished behavioral scientists of their generation have enrolled an international cast of highly-respected thinkers and writers-all of whom have taken great care and joy in illuminating every imaginable corner of animal behavior.

This comprehensive work covers not only the usual topics such as communication, learning, sexual selection, navigation, and the history of the field, but also emerging topics in cognition, animal welfare, conservation, and applications of animal behavior. The large section on animal cognition brings together many of the world's experts on the subject to provide a comprehensive overview of this rapidly developing area. Chapters relating to animal welfare give a full view of behavioral interactions of humans with companion animals, farm animals, and animals in the wild. The key role of animal behavior in conservation biology receives broad attention, including chapters on topics such as the effects of noise pollution, captive breeding, and how the behavioral effects of parasites interacts with conservation issues. Animal behavior in environmental biology is highlighted in chapters on the effects of endocrine disruptors on behavior and a large number of chapters on key species, such as wolves, chimpanzees, hyenas and sharks.

Key features

- Comprehensive work covers not only the usual topics (e.g., learning, sexual selection, navigation, etc.), but also emerging areas of animal behavior (e.g., welfare, conservation, application)

- Contains in-depth introductions to the material that make each well-illustrated section come alive with the best the new content the discipline has to offer

- Glossary includes a compendium of behavioral terms that, when taken together, form a succinct mosaic of virtually every concept and phenomenon related to animal behavior, both now and in the past

- Section editors, drawn from around the world, represent the best and the brightest among today's behavioral biologists and have recruited a broad range of internationally recognized experts

- Editors-in-Chief are experienced scientists and writers who between them haveauthored or edited eight books and teach courses in animal behavior at their respective universities


Advanced undergraduates, graduate students and professionals studying or working in animal behavior, behavioral ecology, conservation biology, behavioral biology, ethology, and related disciplines

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