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Taylor & Francis eFocus Packages


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu 15 themen- bzw. fachbereichsbezogenen Sammlungen von Veröffentlichungen von Taylor & Francis und seiner Imprint-Verlage:

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on China

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Development Studies

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Gender

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Globalization

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Human Rights

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Islam

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Korea

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Medieval Studies

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Social and Cultural Theory

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Ethics

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on The Internet, Culture and Society

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Postcolonialism

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Race and Ethnicity

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Sexuality Studies

- Taylor & Francis eFocus on Urban Studies

Die Sammlungen können einzeln im Rahmen eines Jahresabonnements bezogen oder durch Kauf erworben werden. Updates: laufend.

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Taylor & Francis

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Preise auf Anfrage / Prices on request

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

There are 15 highly specialised eFocus collections in the following subjects:

- China (140)

Includes everything you need to know about modern day China.

- Development Studies (80)

Provides a comprehensive view of the nature, scope and impact of changes taking place in developing and transition countries.

- Gender (120)

This exciting new resource offers access to some of the most important contributions to the subject.

- Globalization (100)

Includes contributions which challenge as well as advance the whole concept of Globalization.

- Human Rights (100)

This is a multi-disciplinary resource on one of the most controversial areas of contemporary debate, and includes contributions from criminology, economics, law, political science and sociology.

- Islam (115)

This collection takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Islam with equal emphasis on the historical and theological and on

the contemporary social and political.

- Korea (70)

Provides a unique resource, examining Korea from political, economic, social and cultural perspectives.

- Medieval Studies (100)

Covering a period stretching from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, this collection covers all the key events of the Middle Ages and some of the most important themes of the period.

- Social and Cultural Theory (220)

Provides access to a body of material that offers unique insight into social and cultural theory in the early 21st Century.

- Ethics (100)

Includes book length studies of ethical issues in diverse areas and extends beyond contemporary and western contexts, with titles on Ancient, Asian, and Islamic ethics

- The Internet, Culture and Society (130)

The internet has proved a technology with almost unprecedented impact on culture and society. This collection assesses this impact from the perspective of eighteen different academic disciplines.

- Postcolonialism (80)

This invaluable resource offers a range of perspectives on postcolonialism from across the humanities and social sciences

- Race and Ethnicity (70)

This exciting resource offers access to important and wide ranging contributions to the study of race taking in cultural, social, political, legal and economic aspects of the subject.

- Sexuality Studies (100)

This collection both charts the growth of this area and provides material relevant to a wide cross section of courses

- Urban Studies (100)

A wide range of issues are addressed including cities and culture; sustainability and climate change; race, class and gender in the city; gentrification and urban change.

All of our 16 eFocus packages are handpicked by our dedicated editorial team and take on a multi-disciplinary approach. Particular attention has been made to select books which we know to have been well received or widely used and the collections aim to include a cross-section of materials including reference works, overviews, and original research to provide a wealth of material for a wide range of users.

All of the eFocus packages:

- feature a specially selected collection of cutting-edge titles

- adopt a multi-disciplinary approach

- include contributions from renowned authorities

- have new titles added every year.

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