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Taylor & Francis eFocus on Globalization


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Taylor & Francis


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Available to purchase outright or as a subscription package of over 100 titles with 10 new eBooks per annum.

This multi-disciplinary collection approaches Globalization from a wide range of perspectives, including:

- Business

- Culture

- Economics

- Education

- Geography

- History

- Politics

- Media

- Security

- Sociology

Covering the Development impact on both Western and Non-Western societies, this collection includes contributions which challenge, as well as advance, the entire concept of Globalization.

Key authors include: Ernesto Zedillo, Yale University, USA; Jeffrey Freiden, Harvard University, USA; Akbar S. Ahmed, American University, Washington, USA; Teressa Brennan and V. Spike Peterson, University of Arizona, USA; James Mittelman, Helsinki University, Finland; and Doug Guthrie, Stern School of Business, New York University, USA.

The collection includes key works of reference:

- A Dictionary of Globalization

- Globalization: The Key Concepts

- Globalization 2nd Edition

Users will also find cutting-edge works such as "The End Game of Globalization" by Neil Smith, Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA and "A Globalizing World?" by David Held, London School of Economics, UK.

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