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Taylor & Francis eFocus on Korea

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Taylor & Francis


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Available to purchase outright or as a subscription package of 70 titles with 5 new titles per annum.

The Korean peninsula is in a unique position, divided between a capitalist South, which has made a spectacular transition from developing to developed economy, and a communist North, which is a major threat to regional and global security.

This collection provides a unique resource, examining Korea from political, economic, social and cultural perspectives. It explores the factors behind Korea's economic growth, including the ability of its multinational companies to compete on the international stage, the role of the state, and whether a "Confucian" management style has made its companies more effective. Several titles also discuss how resilient Korea has been in the wake of several economic downturns.

Coverage of North Korea focuses on the threat posed by its weapons programme and by occasional belligerence towards its neighbours.

Highlights include: "The Changing Face of Korean Management", "The Making of Modern Korea and Korean Society".

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