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Taylor & Francis eFocus on Medieval Studies


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Taylor & Francis


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Available to purchase outright or as a subscription package of over nearly 100 eBooks with 10 new titles per annum

Covering a period stretching from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, this collection covers all the key events of the Middle Ages, including the Crusades and The Black Death, and some of the most important themes of the period, such as sexuality, heresy, persecution, urbanization, religion, science and technology.

The collection provides a balance of contributions in the areans of Literature, History, Philosophy and Archaeology to give a rounded view of the Middle Ages.

It offers access to some of the key resources, introductions and guides to the period, including:

- Works from some of the most distinguished scholars in the field, such as Walter Ullmann, Maurice Keen and Rodney Hilton

- Literary guides to key figures such as Chaucer and Milton and critical studies of King Arthur, Hildegaard of Bingen, and Beowulf

- Major reference works such as the "critical heritage" collection on Chaucer and The Dante Encyclopedia

Considering the medieval period from a global and a critical perspective, this package is the ideal resource for scholars and students alike.

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