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Taylor & Francis eFocus on Ethics

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Taylor & Francis


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Available to purchase outright or as a subscription package of 100 eBooks, updated with 5 new titles per annum.

Discussion of ethical questions is at the heart of many areas of human activity and academic inquiry.

This collection is underpinned by several major contributions to the philosophy of ethics, including "Wickedness" by Mary Midgeley and "What is this Thing Called Ethics?" by Christopher Bennett. It also includes several major works of reference such as "The Routledge Companion to Ethics" edited by John Skorupski.

Within the collection, Ethics is considered from the perspective of:

- Architecture & Built Environment

- Economics

- Education

- The Environment

- Foreign Policy & International Relations

- Journalism & the Media

- Law

- Medicine & Bioethics

- Security & War

- Sport

- Therapy.

Coverage also extends beyond contemporary and western contexts, with titles on Ancient, Asian, and Islamic ethics.

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