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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 180 Referenzwerken (Fachenzyklopädien, Handbücher, Wörterbücher, Datensammlungen und Online-First-Publikationen laufender Projekte) insbesondere aus dem STM-Bereich, aber auch aus den verschiedenen sozial-, wirtschafts- und geisteswissenschaftlichen Fachbereichen. Die Referenzwerke werden fortlaufend durch einen dynamischen und wissenschaftlich begutachteten Veröffentlichungsprozess aktualisiert und sind somit immer auf neuerem Stand als die statischen Springer References bzw. Printausgaben. Updates: laufend.


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Springer Nature

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From Springer, the innovation leader in STM publishing, comes a revolutionary new offering for academic and corporate libraries. SpringerReference delivers access to the all Springer Live References, constantly updated by a dynamic new publishing process and covering all areas of STM research.

Reference Works in Production Available Prior to Publication

SpringerReference includes the latest edition of every eReference across every subject. With an innovative new publishing model, updates occur as developments warrant, not just when they align with the publication of the next edition. New eReferences on SpringerReference will be available well in advance of print or static eReference editions and constantly updated with the latest scientfic developments. Prior to posting, all updates to SpringerReference are subject to rigorous peer review and editorial oversight to maintain the same standard of excellence that libraries and researchers have come to expect from Springer.

Live References vs. SpringerLink

The Live References on SpringerReference are complementary to those found on SpringerLink. Through SpringerLink, researchers can access the complete library of Springer eReferences that remain unchanged until a new separate edition is published. SpringerReference delivers access to all the latest, living editions of Springer eReferences, with constant updates as scientific developments warrant. And like all Springer content, the resources on SpringerReference are instantly accessible through a single platform with seamless search and navigation tools for easy discovery.

What is Included?

A world-class collection of living major reference works. At launch consisted of:

- 146+ Major Reference Works* (MRW's)

- Initially, 10% of content unique to

- Unique content will grow as updates are added.

- 185,000+ individual entries

- 169+ volumes

- 220,000 +pages

- 36,000+ figures

- High quality images

(*) Unlike SpringerLink will only contain the latest edition of a reference work.

Benefits for Librarians

- A world-class collection of online scientific reference materials, dynamically updated by leading researchers:

Springer's dynamic updating process keeps content current without sacrificing quality

Top quality, peer-reviewed scientific research available at the pace of scientific discovery

- Updates occur as developments warrant, not only when they align with the next edition

- Access to all the latest and forthcoming editions of Springer reference work resources on a single platform

- Information constantly updated through a dynamic new publishing model:

Over 30,000 new articles and 10,000 updates each year

Accuracy of every update assured through peer-review and editorial oversight

- An online community of scientific research: Researchers can submit updates to topic entries for peer-review and publishing on the site

Benefits for Researchers

- A world-class collection of major reference works, dynamically updated and peer-reviewed by leading scientists: delivers the critical content that researchers need

- Superior breadth and depth of eReference content: A major breakthrough in academic publishing

- Scientific knowledge updated at the pace of scientific discovery

- Complete access to all the latest & forthcoming Live Springer eReference resources across every subject on a single platform

- An online community of scientific research:

Researchers can contribute to the publication of leading edge research

Authors contributing updates to can raise their profile in their

chosen subject area

Engage in an online discussion with peers by providing comments

High visibility of authors and editors, with personal bio pages

- Since many libraries do not purchase every subject collection from every copyright year, researchers do not have access to all of Springer's eReferences. With SpringerReference they do!

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