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Language and Linguistics Special E-Book Collection, 2007-2012

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(Formerly published by Emerald)


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu 23 Monographien des Verlages Emerald, die in den Jahren 2007 bis 2012 veröffentlicht wurden sowie 9 Titeln des Verlages Brill.

Language and Linguistics Special E-Book Collection, 2007-2012


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Brill Academic Publishers

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Language and Linguistics Special E-Book Collection, 2007-2012 includes academic titles in this field previously published by Emerald (UK) but now part of Brill's catalogue.


Language and Linguistics, Communication, Semantics, Pragmatics, Syntax, Writing, Educational Management in English Language Acquisition

This well-assorted collection in total comprises 32 e-books, 9 additional to those offered through Emerald previously.


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