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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Monographien, Handbüchern, Referenzwerken und Fachzeitschriften des Verlages Edward Elgar Publishing aus den Bereichen Recht, Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Sozialwissenschaften. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1994 ff. Updates: laufend.

Elgar Online

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Edward Elgar Publishing

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Elgaronline has been created specifically for instititons and academic library customers. The technology and business models are designed to make acquiring Elgaronline an easy decision. There are a number of different purchase options listed below.

Major subject collections


Edward Elgar Publishing offers four non-overlapping subject collections on perpetual access - Business and Management, Economics, Law and Social and Political Science. Each collection includes reference works, scholarly monographs, Research Handbooks and companions.

Key Features:

- Comprehensive access to all new titles excluding major works/reprint collections and textbooks

- New titles added ahead of print publication

- Perpetual access model

- Designed for leading academic libraries to work with current acquistion work flow and library systems

- DRM free - downloading, printing, course packs allowed

- Backlist collections also available

Business and Management

With our business and management list, we seek to publish the very best research from around the world. We are proud to have the broadest and most innovative portfolio in management research, publishing across all areas of management from entrepreneurship to human resource management, marketing to strategy. Our handbooks boast specially commissioned contributions from the key thinkers in their field and are essential for any library.


Our list focuses on a wide range of legal areas including: international and comparative law, intellectual property, trade, finance and commercial law, information and technology, antitrust, environmental and energy law, European law, corporate and financial law, and law and economics. Many of our titles are interdisciplinary and cut across our public policy, environment, development, economics or international politics lists – reflecting the current nature of much academic debate.


Our largest and most established list, featuring numerous Nobel prize winners, our economics publishing encompasses the entire discipline including money and finance, industrial organisation, labour and welfare economics, public sector economics, environmental and development economics, international and regional economics, and innovation. We also cover the heterodox schools of thought, from post-Keynesian, Austrian and public choice to institutional and evolutionary economics.

Social and Political Science

Our list encompasses political science, public policy, and social policy, including key areas of research such as governance, regulation, international politics, aging and pensions, gender and family policy, environmental politics, public sector management, education, health policy, local government, and security studies.

Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Second Edition

The Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Second Edition is an essential reference work for law schools. This 12 volume set is available on perpetual access, with 10 titles already published and 2 volumes forthcoming.

This second edition of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Law and Economics presents a state-of-the-art overview of the literature in the area of law and economics. The series comprises twelve self-contained volumes, each providing a balanced and comprehensive summary of the following domains: criminal law, regulation, methodology of law, property law, intellectual property law, contract law, tort law, labor and employment law, antitrust law, corporate law, procedural law, and the production of legal rules.


- Volume 1: Tort Law and Economics - edited by Michael Faure

- Volume 2: Labor and Employment Law and Economics - edited by Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Seth D. Harris, and Orly Lobel

- Volume 3: Criminal Law and Economics - edited by Nuno Garoupa

- Volume 4: Antitrust Law and Economics - edited by Keith N. Hylton

- Volume 5: Property Law and Economics - edited by Boudewijn Bouckaert

- Volume 6: Contract Law and Economics - edited by Gerrit De Geest

- Volume 7: Production of Legal Rules - edited by Francesco Parisi

- Volume 8: Procedural Law and Economics - edited by Chris William Sanchirico

- Volume 9: Regulation and Economics - edited by Roger J. Van den Bergh and Alessio M. Pacces

- Volume 10: Methodologies of Law and Economics - edited by Thomas S. Ulen

Forthcoming titles include:

- Corporate Law and Economics

- Intellectual Property Law and Economics

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law offers the most comprehensive and authoritative scholarly assessment of the field available.

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law is a landmark reference work, providing definitive and comprehensive coverage of this dynamic field. The Encyclopedia is organised into 12 volumes around top-level subjects – such as: water, energy and climate change – that reflect some of the most pressing issues facing us today. Each volume probes the key elements of law, the essential concepts, and the latest research through concise, structured entries written by international experts. Each entry includes an extensive bibliography as a starting point for further reading. The mix of authoritative commentary and insightful discussion will make this an essential tool for research and teaching, as well as a valuable resource for professionals and policymakers. The electronic edition features a specially-designed interface, powerful search, and direct linking to references. With unrestricted campus-wide access, it is the ideal choice for libraries.


- Climate Change Law - edited by Daniel A. Farber and Marjan Peeters - Available on line

- Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law - edited by Jona Razzaque and Elisa Morgera

- Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Law - edited by Lee Paddock, David L. Markell and Nicholas Bryner

- Policy Instruments in Environmental Law - edited by Kenneth R. Richards and Josephine Van Zeben

- Water Law - edited by Joseph W. Dellapenna

- Trade and Environmental Law - edited by Panagiotis Delimatsis and Emily Reid

- Chemicals and the Law - edited by Lucas Bergkamp and Adam Abelkop

- Principles of Environmental Law - edited by Ludwig Krämer and Emanuela Orlando

- Multilateral Environmental Treaties - edited by Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Attila Tanzi and Angeliki Papantoniou

- Human Rights and Environmental Law

- Energy and Environmental Law

The Encyclopedia of Private International Law

The Encyclopedia of Private International Law quite simply represents the definitive online reference work in the field.

Bringing together 181 authors from 57 countries the Encyclopedia sheds light on the current state of Private International Law around the globe, providing unique insights into the discipline and how it is affected by globalization and increased regional integration.

The role and character of Private International Law has changed tremendously over the past decades. With the steady increase of global and regional inter-connectedness the practical significance of the discipline has grown. And so has the number of legislative activities on the national, international and, most importantly, the European level.

The Encyclopedia consists of four volumes. The first two volumes describe topical aspects of Private International Law in the form of 247 alphabetically sorted entries. The third volume describes the Private International Law regimes of 80 countries in the form of national reports. The fourth volume comprises a collection of national codifications and provisions of Private International Law in English translation.

Mini Collections

While our non-overlapping collections in our 4 main areas provide the most complete and cost effective way of acquiring our eBooks, we do also offer smaller collections in more specific subject areas. These smaller collections are available for books published from 1994 to 2018 and include monographs, Handbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias in over 57 different subjects.

Collections include:


- Asian Business

- Business/general (Reference)

- Corporate Governance (Business only)

- Entrepreneurship

- Entrepreneurship (Reference)

- Environmental Management

- International Business

- Knowledge Management

- Leadership

- Marketing

- Marketing Handbooks

- MBA Executive Education

- Organisation Studies

- Organisational Behavior & HRM

- Organisational Behavior & HRM (Reference)

- Strategy

- Women and Management


- Asian Economics

- Development Economics

- Economics of Innovation

- Economics (Reference)

- Financial Economics

- Heterodox Economics

- History of Economic Thought

- Industrial Economics

- Industrial Organization

- International Economics

- Law & Economics

- Money & Banking

- Money & Finance (Reference)

- Public Finance

- Public Sector Economics


- Asian Law

- Competition & Antitrust

- Corporate & Financial Law

- Environmental Law

- Human Rights

- Intellectual Property

- International Economic Law

- Law & Economics

- Law (Reference)

- Public International Law


- Asian Politics & Policy

- Climate Change

- Comparative Social Policy

- Development Studies

- Environment (Reference)

- Environmental Politics

- Innovation Policy

- International Politics

- Public Policy

- Public & Social Policy (Reference)

- Regional & Urban Studies

- Research Methods

- Technology

- Transport

- Valuation

Business and Management Handbooks

Our authoritative and acclaimed Handbook series in Business and Management includes over 100 published titles, with at least 15 new titles published each year. The search and browse functions in Elgaronline integrate these Handbooks into one sophisticated, invaluable research aid. Ideal for business schools with a research or teaching focus that do not require perpetual access.

- Access to 100 separate reference titles containing over 3,000 scholarly articles

- The series provides in-depth surveys of core and emerging topics in Strategy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Innovation, Management and Organisation, International Management and Research Methods for Management

- Each Handbook comprises specially commissioned, peer reviewed, original chapters offering comprehensive analyses of each topic and points the way ahead for future research agendas

- The editors and contributors are leading figures in their respective fields

- The series provides a vital reference source for scholars and advanced students and is a cornerstone of any good PhD programme

- The functionality of Elgaronline enables pin-point searching across the handbook series enhancing the value of the online content beyond the print and making the series as a whole indispensable for any management library

- Please note titles in this subscription package also appear in our major Business and Management collection and a number of mini collections. Please contact us if you would like the details of the overlap.

Research Reviews

An authoritative summary of the seminal works that have established a field of research

World renowned experts research and select most important readings

They provide a detailed essay outlining the evolution of the discipline

We take this content and make it fully searchable with smart linking to locate resources in your library, on publisher platforms, repositories, open web, Google Books

World renowed experts select the most important recommended readings which include:

Research Reviews in Economics

The Economics of Austerity - Suzanne J. Konzelmann

The Costs of Economic Growth - Peter A. Victor

Research Reviews in Law

International Courts and Tribunals - William A. Schabas

Classics in International Investment Law - August Reinisch

Research Reviews in Business

Entrepreneurial Failure - Dean A. Shepherd

Entrepreneurship and Leadership - Donald F. Kuratko and Michael H. Morris

Benefits for library

- Add value and drive usage to your library holding

- Provide users with a first point of entry to a new topic

- It works with library discovery technology

- MARC records, COUNTER 4

- Perpetual ownership model

- Part of Elgaronline – same library friendly license, ILL, multiuser, course use etc

Benefits for users

- A unique narrative on the developments of a given field

- Expert and comprehensive selection of the seminal must read articles

- Saves days of preliminary research

- Quickly find resources, discover alternative versions

- Print articles, export citations

- Ideal for use on courses, or for course preparation


We have a growing list of international scholarly journals.


- Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

Editor in chief: Anna Grear

Editors: Evadne Grant, Louis Kotze, Stephen J. Humphreys

Assistant Editor: Elen Stokes

- Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property

Consulting editors: Johanna Gibson and Lord Hoffmann


- Review of Keynesian Economics

Co-editors: Louis-Philippe Rochon, Matias Vernengo and Thomas Palley

- European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention

Editors: Stefan Ederer, Eckhard Hein, Marc Lavoie, Torsten Niechoj, Achim Truger and Till van Treeck

Management and Leadership Studies

- Leadership and the Humanities

Editor in Chief: Antonio Marturano

Co-editors: Michael Harvey and J. Thomas Wren

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