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Cambridge Core: Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu insgesamt über 34.000 Titeln (ab ca. 1920) des Verlages Cambridge University Press aus den geisteswissenschaftlichen, sozialwissenschaftlichen sowie den naturwissenschaftlich-technischen und medizinischen Fachbereichen. Neben Monographien und Referenzwerken bietet die Cambridge Core-Plattform auch Zugang zu Lehrbüchern.

Ebenfalls auf der Cambridge Core-Plattform verfügbar sind über 4.000 Front- und Backlist-Titel der folgenden Partner-Verlage: Anthem Press, Boydell & Brewer, Edinburgh University Press, Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Facet Publishing, Foundation Books, Intersentia, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, Jagiellonian University Press, Liverpool University Press, Mathematical Association of America, Royal Economic Society, University of Adelaide Press und WITS University Press aus den geisteswissenschaftlichen, sozialwissenschaftlichen sowie den naturwissenschaftlich-technischen Fachbereichen. Updates: monatlich. Jährlicher Zuwachs: ca. 1.400 Titel.

Ferner ist die Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)-Option verfügbar für:

- Cambridge Companions Online (CCO)

- Cambridge Histories Online (CCO)

Cambridge Core

für Bibliotheken in Deutschland und Österreich
(gültig bis 31.08.2020)

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Cambridge University Press

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What is Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)?

Academic institutions can now access Cambridge ebook collections via an Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) model. Under an EBA model, institutions are given access to an extensive online collection of Cambridge and partner press ebooks, before they make decisions about which titles to buy access to in perpetuity. The evidence to support decision making is supplied in the form of usage reports, indicating which titles are the most popular within the institution during the period.

Under an EBA model you can choose to access the full collection of ebooks, or a subject specific collection - with broad lists in humanities, social sciences and science, technology and medicine.

The EBA model includes monographs but there is the option to add course books and reference materials to your deal. You can browse the full list of Cambridge titles and subject areas on our ebook platform

Why choose EBA?

EBA has several advantages over other ebook collection purchasing models:

  • EBA allows the institutional library, which has expertise in managing acquisition, a key role in selecting resources.
  • It also opens up a wider selection of titles to the reader, and enables purchasing decisions to be matched precisely to end user preference.
  • Newly published titles may be added to the chosen collection on a monthly basis during the trial, if agreed as part of the EBA deal.
  • Ebooks from Cambridge partner publishers are also included via our University Publishing Online (UPO) platform. This includes titles from Edinburgh University Press, Mathematical Association of America, Boydell and Brewer and many more. You can see a full list of our partner publishers here

Three steps to EBA

Step 1: Payment

  • Institutions can choose 6 or 12 month trial access to all Cambridge and partner titles or selected subject collections.
  • We will mutually agree a payment that takes into account the number of titles involved and expected usage. Payment needs to be made before access is opened up.

Step 2: Full access

  • Access is opened and usage measured to help inform purchasing decisions. - Throughout the EBA project our administration team will send over usage statistics and details of newly added content every month (where applicable).

Step 3: Decision

  • Under a 12 month EBA project ebook purchases are decided and made perpetual within 30 days of the end of the project. Libraries are given usage data to inform their decisions, that is then analysed with purchase choices made within the library.
  • After the agreement has ended, institutions are able to make additional payments, if they wish to purchase further titles in perpetuity. They can also request to begin another EBA trial under the same or different content model.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

We will mutually agree a payment that takes into account the number and type of titles involved and the expected usage at your institution. We have options to fit most library budgets and can be flexible depending on your requirements.

Does the package remain static during the period of the EBA?

No, as we publish more ebooks we can add titles to your access if part of the EBA agreeement. If so we will provide you with titles and records on a monthly basis.

How will Cambridge supply information about titles for our library catalogue?

We will supply a list of titles and free in house MARC records for you to add to your catalogue. We will also contact you each month with records for new titles added to the access if applicable. OCLC records may also be freely available to OCLC cataloguing subscribers.

Is there a rental fee?

No, the entire upfront fee is allocated against the list price of each of the books you are purchasing in perpetuity.

Are we obligated to buy the most used titles?

No, the decision with purchase rests ultimately with the librarian, the usage data is there to help guide your decisions. Different terms may apply to course books and text books.

When the access is over, are we limited to allocating books to the value of the upfront fee?

No, if at the end of the EBA access period you want to purchase books greater than the EBA fee, you are welcome to do so and pay the difference. In many instances, librarians choose their perpetual titles at the end of the EBA and then take a quote to start a fresh new project for another term.

How quickly can an EBA be set up?

As soon as the EBA fee is deposited with Cambridge we will open up access immediately and provide you with MARC records. Alternatively you can specify a start date if this is more convenient.

Are there options to create bespoke EBA collections?

Yes, we can tailor specific EBA deals to your institution's needs and remit.

How can we ensure the ebooks have high usage?

We believe that if your academics and students are aware of the availability of ebooks through the EBA deal, they will want to use them. Cambridge has a dedicated library marketing team who can assist with raising awareness of the EBA. We can send email campaigns and provide posters and promotional materials, or simply offer advice to your library team.

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