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Sinica Sinoweb from Academia Sinica


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Sinica Sinoweb is the most in-depth, complete, and accurate research tool of Taiwan humanities. Research the latest archaeological findings from the prestigious Bulletin of the History and Philology Institute or access the Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Database, Legein Monthly, containing the most complete writings of the great master of Mou Zong-San (牟宗三). Sinica Sinoweb delivers these and more from the deep archives of Acadamia Sinica in Taipei.


- Online

- Traditional Chinese and English language interfaces, with cross-searchable titles


- 14 journals covering modern and oral history, philology, drama and art, Chinese literature and philosophy, and more

- Some journals published as early as 1928

- 14 journals, as follows:

• History-Philology-Institute Bulletin

• Chinese-Literature-Philosophy-Institute Bulletin

• Modern-History-Institute Bulletin

• Research on Women in Modern Chinese History

• Oral History Journal

• Newsletter for Modern Chinese History

• Taiwan Journal of Anthropology

• Taiwan Historical Research

• Chinese Studies

• Thought and Words

• Shih-Huo Monthly

• Legein Semi-Annual Journal

• Legein Monthly

• Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore

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