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IET eBooks Collections

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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 500 E-Books der Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) aus den Fachgebieten Elektro-, Nachrichten- und Regelungstechnik sowie Energie- und Fertigungstechnik. Auch Themen wie Technikmanagement und Technikgeschichte werden angeboten.
Die E-Books können im Rahmen von copyright- oder fachbereichsbezogenen Paketen erworben werden. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1979 ff. Updates: regelmäßig.

IET eBooks Collections

Verlag :: Publisher
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

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- IET Ultimate eBook Collection (1979-2015)

- IET 5 Year Backlist (2011-2015)

- IET 6 Year Backlist (2011-2016)

- IET Frontlist Top-Up (2016)

- IET eBook Subject Collections (1979-2016)


- Control, Robotics & Sensors History & Management of Technology

- Computing Materials, Circuits & Devices

- Electromagnetic Waves Radar, Sonar & Navigation

- Energy Engineering Telecommunications

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IET eBook Collections offer you a variety of purchasing options so your users are able to access the content they need; anytime, anywhere.

Spanning over 35 years of cutting-edge research, IET eBook Collections contain a growing wealth of world-class engineering and technology titles, in a broad range of specialisms including radar, energy, control and electromagnetic waves, amongst others.

Covering an extensive portfolio of close to 500 academic and practitioner focused titles, IET eBook Collections provide the ultimate point of reference for international researchers, professionals and students.

Why choose an IET eBook Collection?

High quality specialised content from 1979-2016 Flexible purchasing options Unrestricted DRM-free access Unlimited usage, anytime, anywhere Exclusively available on the IET Digital Library Access via Shibboleth and OpenAthens

IET eBook Collections

The ultimate reference collections of highly specialised engineering and technology content

Renowned as a premier international publisher, the IET offers a unique range of high quality eBook Collections which support our commitment to advance knowledge across the global engineering and technology community. Available exclusively on the IET Digital Library, IET eBook Collections offer an acclaimed listing of academic and practitioner focused titles from 1979 to 2016, covering a wide range of subject areas including control, telecommunications, energy engineering, computing and radar. Depending on your library requirements, IET eBooks can be purchased in a variety of unique collections, ideal if you are looking for access to the entire range or a specific collection tailored by year or subject.

Containing an extensive portfolio, the Ultimate eBook Collection caters for a broad range of engineering and technology specialisms, providing your users with comprehensive access to world-class research. Alternatively, if you are in search of a more focused subject specific solution, then our range of subject collections offer access to highly targeted research in a range of topics.

How can an IET eBook Collection help your users?

Perfectly suited to meet the needs of the 21st century scholar, an IET eBook Collection offers you a simple solution to meet your users requirements for instant access to quality research anytime, anywhere.

By adding an IET eBook Collection to your library, you can help your users to:

- Gain instant access to almost 500 IET eBooks With unrestricted access, multiple users have the freedom to view and download information on a variety of devices whenever they need to.

- Locate relevant information quickly and easily Via the IET Digital Library, you can offer your users the opportunity to access over 35 years of quality engineering and technology research at the click of a button. Using the online search facility, users are able to search by title, keyword, author name or date.

- Access a wealth of engineering and technology research IET eBooks cover a range of specialist topics including; radar, sonar and navigation, electromagnetic waves, telecommunications and control.

- Download content without restrictions All IET eBook Collections are available DRM-free, allowing users to download eBooks by chapter or full text with unrestricted access.

- Share content with colleagues Users have the freedom to view, print and save content on a range of devices and also share abstracts with colleagues.

- Easily manage citations IET eBook Collections are compatible with EndNote, BibTex, Plain Text and RefWorks allowing for citations to be downloaded, ideal if your users need to link references.

Access close to 500 world-class engineering and technology titles with IET eBook Collections

With a choice of 12 different eBook collections, the IET can offer you a flexible eBook solution to meet your digital research needs, whether you require access to the entire collection, the backlist of titles or a specific subject area.

IET Ultimate eBook Collection (1979-2015)

If you are looking for the definitive collection of world-class engineering and technology research for your users, the IET Ultimate eBook Collection is the ideal choice.

With content dating back to 1979, the Ultimate eBook Collection offers access to over 420 highly specialised engineering and technology publications.

Spanning over 35 years of cutting-edge research, this extensive portfolio of academically focused and practitioner titles from both the IET and SciTech imprints covers a wide range of subject areas including; control, telecommunications, radar, electromagnetic waves, renewable energy and computing.

IET 5 Year Backlist (2011-2015)

If you are interested in titles published within the last 5 years, then we offer the option to purchase the full backlist of titles dating back to 2011.

IET 6 Year Backlist (2011-2016)

With this collection, you can purchase the IET 5 Year Backlist combined with the IET Frontlist Top-Up (2016).

IET Frontlist Top-Up (2016)

Featuring content from the current year, this collection is only available as a "top-up" option in addition to an existing IET eBook Collection and is not available as a separate purchase. The number of titles available in the frontlist is a preliminary listing and is subject to change. Please contact your local IET representative for further information.

IET eBook Subject Collections (1979-2016)

IET eBooks are also available in a range of 8 convenient subject specific collections which offer a focus in a particular topic, allowing your users to access comprehensive content more easily in their field.

All IET eBook Collections are available with perpetual access, exclusively on the IET Digital Library.

Add value to your library with an IET eBook Collection

If you are looking for an eBook collection that can add extra value to your library's existing digital offering, IET eBook Collections can help you by providing:

- Perpetual access to content Providing you with the added security to on-going digital access without subscriptions, and the option to add on the new frontlist each year.

- A variety of purchasing options Depending on your requirements, you can choose from 12 different eBook Collections, all available on a perpetual access basis.

- Over 35 years of highly specialised content With published engineering and technology content from 1979 to 2016, IET eBooks can add extra value to your digital research collections.

- Unrestricted DRM-free access All IET eBooks are DRM-free which allows for

- multiple users to access content on a number of different devices.

- Enhanced discoverability FREE MARC21 records offer enhanced discoverability for your users to locate content whenever they need to and with DOI's to chapter level.

- Reporting tools to monitor usage COUNTER4-compliant usage statistics allow you to measure online usage and the SUSHI protocol can help you to streamline your reporting processes.

- Secure archiving with CLOCKSS By partnering with CLOCKSS, IET eBook Collections now offer the added guarantee that our digital content will be available now and in the future.

- Access via Shibboleth and OpenAthens Allowing easy access to both eBook content and management options, in line with industry standard best practices.

IET eBook Subject Collections (1979-2016)

In addition to the Ultimate eBook Collection and backlist purchasing options, IET eBooks are also available in a range of 8 convenient subject specific collections which offer focus to a particular topic and allow your users to access content in their field more easily.

Choose from one of the following IET eBook Subject Collections:

- Control, Robotics & Sensors History & Management of Technology

- Computing Materials, Circuits & Devices

- Electromagnetic Waves Radar, Sonar & Navigation

- Energy Engineering Telecommunications


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