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East India Company


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India Office Records from the British Library, 1595-1947


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Adam Matthew Digital

East India Company

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Module I:

Trade, Governance and Empire, 1600-1947

Module II and III:  

Factory Records for South Asia, South East Asia, China, Japan and the Middle East (1595-1870)

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Discover the astonishing history of the East India Company, which at its peak controlled over a quarter of the world's trade and millions of the global populace.

From 16th-century origins as a trading venture to the East Indies, through to its rise as the world's most powerful company and de facto ruler of India, to its demise amid allegations of greed and corruption - the East India Company was an extraordinary force in global history for three centuries.

This digital resource allows students and researchers to access a vast and remarkable collection of primary source documents from the India Office Records held by the British Library, the single most important archive for the study of the East India Company.

From the Company's charter in 1600 to Indian independence in 1947, East India Company tells the story of trade with the East; politics; and the rise and fall of the British Empire. It records the challenges of a globalising world and sheds light on many contrasting narratives - from records of powerful political figures, through to the lives of native populations and the individual traders who lived and worked at the edge of Empire.

This incredible story is told through the manuscript records of the period, with over 1.2 million pages of content digitised. This ambitious project transforms the accessibility of these archival documents, with enhanced viewing and browsing tools allowing for easy navigation.

This is simply an essential resource for scholarship of British imperial history; maritime trade; global commerce, and the history of the first great multinational corporation.

Module I: Trade, Governance and Empire, 1600-1947

Module I consists of the most important executive papers of the East India Company and later the India Office, covering the entire period of British rule in India and the expansion of the British Empire over several centuries. Charters, treaties, minutes and correspondence shed light on the foundation, development and demise of the East India Company and, later, the work of the Council of India in overseeing the British Raj.

This module offers comprehensive digitisation of the following core classes:

- The East India Company's charters, deeds, statutes and treaties (IOR/A), with related documents, 1600-1947.

- The minutes of the meetings of the East India Company's Courts of Directors and Proprietors (IOR/B), 1599-1858.

- The minutes and memoranda of the Council of India (IOR/C), 1858-1947.

- The minutes and memoranda of the general committees and offices of the East India Company (IOR/D), 1700-1858.

Modules II and III: Factory Records for South Asia, South-East Asia, China, Japan and the Middle East (1595-1870)

The East India Company Factory Records (IOR/G) reveal the role of individual trading posts ("factories") and are some of the richest sources in the India Office Records for the study of trade networks, daily life for those living and working in the British Empire, and the interaction between Western traders and Asian societies. The material consists of letters sent and received between the factories and London, official trading diaries, accounts of Company embassies to rulers, proceedings of provincial councils and revenue boards, military documents and account books.

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