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Russkii Arkhiv Digital Archive


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu sämtlichen Ausgaben der Zeitschrift "Russkii Arkhiv" von 1863 bis 1917. Die bekannte historische und literarische Zeitschrift präsentiert in Tausenden von Beiträgen von Historikern, Essayisten, Kritikern und anderen ein umfassendes Bild der russischen Kultur- und Politikgeschichte zwischen dem 18. und 19. Jahrhundert.

Russkii Arkhiv Digital Archive

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East View Publications

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Russkii Arkhiv (Русскiй Архивъ) is a well-known historical and literary journal published in Moscow from 1863 to 1917. Founded by Pyotr I. Bartenev, Russkii Arkhiv presented a comprehensive picture of Russian cultural and political history between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Thousands of historians, essayists, critics, and others regularly contributed documents to Russkii Arkhiv, which were then curated for publication. Documents celebrated Russia's renowned literary and artistic culture, including those devoted to the life and work of Alexander Pushkin, letters and diaries by numerous Decembrists, notes from ambassadors to the Court of Peter the Great, accounts of Peter the Great reforms, diaries and memoirs by members of the ruling, military, and aristocratic classes of Russia.

Researchers will find Russkii Arkhiv especially valuable for the study of the customs and way of thinking during that time. Russkii Arkhiv contains numerous materials on the history of social thought and social movements (especially Slavophilism), literature, life, and customs of the Russian people.

Uploaded to East View's Universal Database platform, Russkii Arkhiv Digital Archive will include:

- 5 volume years

- 650 issues (99,780 pages)

- Supplement: Severnyie Tsvety

- Supplement: Zapiski Philippa Philippovicha (2 vols.)

The journal was published before the reformation of the Russian orthography, and East View has added article-level keywords, bibliographic references, and other metadata to improve the database's search functionality. Where needed, the scanned files have been retouched to ensure a fully text searchable database.

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