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19th Century Masterfile: 1106-1930


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Series I-V


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 60 Bibliographien und Literaturverzeichnissen, die Buchveröffentlichungen, Zeitungen, Zeitschriften, Patentschriften sowie Regierungsveröffentlichungen aus dem anglo-amerikanischen Sprachraum erschließen.

Enthalten sind u.a Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, 1802-1907, Index to Legal Periodical Literature, 1786-1922 (Jones und Chipman), Religion Index, Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900 der Royal Society (Großbritannien), ALA Index to General Literature, New York Times Index, New York Daily Tribune Index, Palmer's Index to the Times (London) 1880-1890, Indices zu Harpers Weekly, Atlantic Monthly, North American Reviews u.a., Congressional Record 1789-1925, Annals of Congress 1789-1824, Register of Debates 1824-1837, Congressional Globe 1833-1873, Messages and Papers of the Presidents (1789-1897) und Hansard's Parliamentary Indexes. Volltext-Links zu JSTOR, American Periodicals Series u.a. Berichtszeitraum: 1800-1925.

19th Century Masterfile: 1106-1930

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"19th Century Masterfile" (NCM) is the largest resource for pre-1920 studies, wirh over 6 million citations online. Through NCM, you can search every relevant printed material of the period, expanding your unterstanding and making your research as comprehensive as possible. Additional indices are added regularly.

Series I
Within Series I, representing the flagship of NCM, are core periodical indices. Spanning nearly all periodicals of the late eighteenth century trough early twentieth century. There are over 1 million citations in Series I alone.

Index to Legal Periodical Literature, 1786-1922. (ed. Jones and Chipman)
The four volumes of Jones and Chipman contain 98,254 citations from 590 general periodical titles, 236 legal periodical titles and 67 Law Report Titles, covering 11,000 volumes. This important title is of great general reference value for the general reference department, let alone the law library.

Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, 1802-1907
Few works scholarship can match the significance of William Frederick Poole's great Index to Periodical Literature, which remains a core resource for researching nineteenth-century topics.
Increasing in value with each passing year, "Poole's" is more than the first great index to Anglo-American periodicals. Through it, Poole effectively invented periodical indexing.
The edition of Poole's Index, which is available through 19th Century Masterfile is an enhanced edition of 485,000 citations.
Paratext has integrated essential date and title information not contained in the original volumes. This new edition is continuing to be available through the NCM site. The edition integrates:

  • Index to Periodical Literature, (1802-1881), 2 v. (Boston: Houghton, 1891) Hrsg. v. William Frederick Poole.
  • Index to Periodical Literature, Supplements (Jan.1882--Jan.1907), 5 v. (Boston: Houghton, 1882-1908) Ed. W. F. Poole and W.I. Fletcher.

Index to Periodicals, 1890-1902
William T. Stead, like Poole, recognized that the important content of the periodical literature of his time needed to be made more easily accessible to the learned public. However, Stead recognized that British periodicals were not as fully indexed as they should be. The result, Stead's Index to Periodicals was published in thirteen volumes.

  • Stead's Index contains more than 265,000 citations.
  • More than 200 of the periodical titles indexed by Stead are not indexed by Poole.

Stead's Index is a subject index, like Poole's, but it contains author entries, subject headings and index to portraits as well.

An Alphabetical Subject Index and Index Encyclopedia to Periodical Articles on Religion, 1890-1899. (ed. Ernest Cushing Richardson).
81,000 citations from 21,000 writers covering 600 periodicals and encyclopedia. Of particular interest are the heading definitions, often with references to encyclopedia articles for continued research.

Series II
Series II of NCM contains a vast collection of bibliographic records for monographs and serials from the 19th century. These Records, with full subject headings, will expand your patrons research and use of other series within NCM.

Index to 19th Century Periodicals MARC records
Contains over 90,000 MARC citations of nineteenth century serials. This is a critical component for complete serials research of the period.

20th century monographs with 19th century Subject Headings and content

Extend your research of the period by searching the tens thousands of 20th-century titles.

Series III
The emergence of what we now know as newspapers had an enormous influence on the growth of intellectual, cultural ans industrial life in the 19th century. In combination with Book, Periodical, and Government Indices, these major Newspaper indices broaden all manner of research of the period.

Index to the New York Times (1863-1906) [first installment]
As the city of New York swelled to half a million people in the middle of the 19th century, more and more newspapers came forward. Begun in 1851, the New York Daily Times began as an "unusually well-edited paper crowded with foreign and local news."

More than a million citations from the "Newspaper of Record" are now part of NCM/Poole's Plus. This vast index, now available in fully searchable form along with the index to the New York Daily Tribune, opens up vast areas of research for students from every discipline. Over 1.2 million citations.

Index to the New York Daily Tribune, (1875-1906)
Founded by Horace Greeley in 1841, the New York Tribune quickly established itself as the standard for journalism in mid-19th century America. Under Greeley's editorial leadership, the Tribune sought the "ethical high ground" and many contemporary observers maintained that the strongly anti-slavery editorial policies of Greeley's Tribune were a singularly powerful force in slavery's eventual abolition.
Over 780,000 citations.

Palmer's Index to the Times (London) 1880-1890 [first installment]
Little explanation is needed to for the importance of the Times of London-- the most important newspaper in the United Kingdom when the United Kingdom was arguably the most powerful nation in the Western World. Every topic, in the UK and overseas, finds its way into the 385,000 citations in this first installment of the great index.

Index to the Oregon Spectator 1846-1854
This is an important contribution to NCM/Poole's Plus. The Oregon Spectator was the first newspaper published on the West Coast of the United States. The first issue was published February 5, 1846 in Oregon City, Oregon. The city, at that point, was part of the Oregon Provisional Government. When the paper's final issue came out in March of 1855, when Oregon was a U.S. Territory; 21,305 citations online.

Series IV
Series IV contains the detailed indices of major titles from the 19th century. Now, full text links are included, at no additional cost, for titles within series IV. Patrons can now move from the dense indices to the text.

Harper's Magazine Index (1850-1892)
Founded in June 1850, the goal of Harper's Magazine was to present the broad panorama of contemporary English literature in periodical form. Eventually, it came to cover all areas of national interest; 77,151 citations online.

Atlantic Monthly Index (1857-1901)
Founded in 1857, with the counsel of Emerson, Longfellow, and numerous other luminaries of American letters, the index to Atlantic Monthly broadens and deepens research possibilities of this explosive period of American life and culture; 24,108 citations online.

North American Review Index (1815-1877)
NAR began in 1815 as a bimonthly under the direction of the Anthology Club of Boston. It alternated between being a monthly and a quarterly publication until it finished publication in 1840. There was always a connection between the Review with Harvard College, including editors such as Jared Sparks and Edward Everett whose presence gave a high visibility to the Review, especially among scholarly readers; 14,881 citations online.

Cumulative Index to Library Journal (1876-1897)
This cumulative index covers the first 22 volumes, and is fascinating "cyclopedia of library administration." This first quarter century of LJ is replete with names familiar to today's librarians-Bowker, Poole, Wilson, Dewey, Carnegie, to name a few. This Index is a treasure trove of information for any researcher delving into the formative years of modern librarianship and bibliography; 6,566 citations online.

Series V
Series V is the fastest growing series in NCM. Only a few scholars have been aware of the riches of material available through these indices. From the index to the British Haous of Commons to U.S. Patents, these resources cover material of interest to all students of the period.

A Compilation of the Message and Papers of the Presidents (1789-1897)
18,559 citations.

Subject matter index of patents issued by the U.S. (1790-1873)
A tremendous addition to NCM, the Patent index is a walk through the expansion of commerce, trade and the Industrial Revolution in the United States. Paratext will soon be adding the "x" numbers for all pre-1836 patents as well. 170,000 patent citations are now online.

Cobett's Parliamentary History of England (1066-1803)
36 volumes covering Parliamentary activity and English history from the Norman Conquest to the 1803, from which time research is continued in Hansard's Parliamentary Debates (also in NCM). With these 7,000 citations now part of NCM, researchers can now extend their research of English parliamentry activity for nearly 1,000 years.

Hansard's Index to Debates, House of Commons (1803-1830)
Hansard's Index to Debates, House of Lords (1803-1830)
Over 17,000 citations are not online from this guide to the great deliberative proceedings of the Commons and Lords, during the great height of its global power. All relevant subjects of inquiry; trade, commerce, colonial transactions, politics, culture and literature are represented in the indices.

Descriptive Catalogue of the Government Publications of the U.S. (1774-1881)
The Descriptive Catalogue is an excellent resource for researching all manner of activities in North American during this period of expansion. Many topics, particularly those occurring west of the Mississippi, are indentified here, and did not find their way into the periodicals and dailies of the day. Over 10,000 citations now online.

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