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InfoTrac Custom Newspapers


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 150 anglo-amerikanischen Tageszeitungen von 1996 bis heute. Zu den für den europäischen Markt interessanten Titeln zählen insbesondere "The Times", "The Guardian", "New York Times", "Financial Times", "International Herald Tribune", "Washington Post", "Sunday Times", "Daily Telegraph", "The Independent", "The Mirror" und "Christian Science Monitor". Die Datenbank enthält alle namentlich gekennzeichneten Artikel (NY Times auch Artikel von Nachrichtenagenturen), aber keine Darstellung von Fotos, Tabellen oder Karten. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1996 ff. (teilweise später). Updates: mehrmals täglich (an Werktagen 5, am Wochenende 2).


Verzeichnis der verfügbaren Zeitungen

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Gale Cengage

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Preis auf Anfrage / Price on request

Das Angebot richtet sich nicht an Verbraucher i. S. d. § 13 BGB und Letztverbraucher i. S. d. PAngV.

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

With "Custom Newspapers", libraries are able to choose two or more titles from a growing list of more than 100 outstanding newspapers from around the world.

You can customize the product name, screen layout, search parameters and results display to meet the needs of your library and your users. Search results are delivered electronically from each newspaper, providing an electronic edition for your users featuring the articles they need. Understanding current events depends on your access to relevant articles printed in response to events when they happened. With "InfoTrac Custom Newspapers", you can:

  • Receive more accurate results with our proper name indexing
  • Use section searching to retrieve articles from specific newspaper sections (title, headline, date, author, newspaper section, or other assigned fields)
  • Compare opposing viewpoints on controversial issues
  • Get first-hand accounts on historical events
  • Improve genealogy research through proper name indexing
  • Study current events as they are reported

With "InfoTrac Custom Newspapers", you can choose two or more titles then customize the product name, screen layout and search parameters. The results are displayed by newspaper section to provide context to the search result. Articles are delivered electronically from each newspaper, providing an electronic edition for your users featuring the information they need.

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