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Scribner Writers Series


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Charles Scribner Sons - Thompson Gale


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Gale is pleased to offer the Scribner Writers Series online. The database is available as an independent resource or it can be integrated with the Literature Resource Center as an add-as an add-on module. Drawing much of its content from the Scribner Writers Series CD-ROM, the database comprises approximately 1,600 original biocritical essays written and signed by noted scholars.

Many authors in the series are seen from multiple perspectives through two, three or sometimes four essays - a broad biocritical overview (as one might expect in the American Writers volume) as well as specialized treatments from literary genre- or movement-specific coverage. Students will find the informative essays in this database essential for understanding literary works, genres and authors from all over the world.

Each entry averages five pages in length and includes a concise essay, hyperlinks for cross-referencing, a citation and biographical information that places the author's work in personal and historical context. Because the series is designed to work the way students conduct research, it is an ideal starting point for research papers on literary works and figures, special projects and presentations. Students can go directly to an entry on a specific author, combine search criteria for a much more complex search, or explore thematic and chronological topics to make connections among writers.


The Scribner Writers Series is the place where your love of literature meets the speed and efficiency of the Internet. Now students, faculty and other researchers can access these literary references with flexibility, simplicity and the following benefits:

  • Locate literary facts quickly with a simple but powerful interface designed the way students conduct research
  • Provide remote access to students, faculty and library patrons
  • Combine search criteria to make connections that are difficult or impossible using print resources


The Scribner Writers Series features in-depth coverage of writers with extensive essays. Ist collection of carefully selected writers spans a wide variety of time periods, geographic locations and cultures, including:

  • African American Writers
  • African Writers
  • American Nature Writers
  • American Writers
  • Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome
  • British Writers
  • European Writers
  • Latin American Writers
  • Modern American Women Writers
  • Mystery and Suspense Writers
  • Science Fiction Writers
  • Supernatural Fiction Writers
  • Writers for Children
  • Writers for Young Adults


To find information in the Scribner Writers Series, students can use the convenient search interface or a list of research ideas broken down into the following categories:

  • Literary Prizes
  • Early American Writers
  • African American Women Writers
  • Modern American Poets Born 1920 or Later
  • English Romantic Period 1798-1870
  • Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome
  • Renaissance Writers
  • Modern Playwrights
  • The Bible as Literature
  • And more


Now students, faculty and other researchers can search by:

  • Name: browse by alphabetical listing or enter an author's name
  • Language: choose from 31 languages, from Afrikaans to Yiddish
  • Genre: classifies authors into 12 literary categories, including early prose fiction, journalism, novels, philosophy, plays and poems
  • Time period: eight eras, from ancient times to the 20th century
  • Nationality/Ethnicity: authors representing 77 nationalities, including Arabic, Belgian, Indian, New Zealander, Peruvian, Russian, Scottish and Ugandan
  • Croatian, Egyptian, Icelandic, Kenyan, Peruvian, Russian, Scottish, Ugandan and Welsh
  • Gender
  • Full text: for titles or keywords

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