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In Principio: Incipit Index of Latin Texts


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1,000,000 incipits covering Latin literature from the Pre-classical Age to the Renaissance

Hrsg. v. Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes (Paris) und Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (Collegeville, Minnesota)


Inhalt :: Content

Bibliographische Datenbank mit über 1 Million Nachweisen von Initien lateinischer Handschriften von der vorklassischen Zeit bis zur Renaissance. Zugrunde liegen die Incipit-Karteien des Institut de Recherche et d'Historie des Textes, Paris (französische und vatikanische Handschriften), der Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML), Collegeville (u.a. österreichische und iberische Handschriften) sowie, seit der 9. Ausgabe, des Département des Manuscrits der Bibliothèque nationale de France. Updates: jährlich (CD-ROM), halbjährlich (Online). Jährlicher Zuwachs: rund 25.000 Nachweise.

In Principio: Incipit Index of Latin Texts

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Brepols Publishers

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Those who are interested in the writers, texts and manuscripts of Antiquity and the Middle Ages know how difficult it is to identify a particular work encountered by chance in a manuscript, or, when studying or publishing a particular text, to make an inventory of all the manuscripts in which it appears.

The incipit or first words of a work thus remain the surest means of designating it unambiguously. In a sense, the incipit, by virtue of ist invariability, is the identity card of the text. Standing apart from the diversity of attributions and titles, the incipit guarantees the presence of a particular text.

The incipit serves as a link between the text and the manuscript. The search software of In Principio enables to answer two main questions about the incipit:

  • who is the author and what is the title of the text?
  • which manuscripts contain the text?

Genres included

The database includes all literary genres: the liberal arts and theology, history and poetry, medicine and liturgy, civil law and canon law, the exact and occult sciences, summas and sermons, glossaries and correspondence, cooking recipes and cursing formulas, large treatises and small, isolated sentences.

Key Features

  • Over one million records from three major institutions and libraries, supplemented with a growing number of individual collections
  • Partners: the Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes, the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
  • Approximately 25,000 new entries each year
  • A search screen providing guidance by offering ten search fields that enable precise searching
  • Multilingual search interface (English, French, German)

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